Static Aircraft

I have observed an increase of topics about how large airports have nobody there majority of the time. What I am proposing is to introduce static scenery to the airport. If you have X-plane 11, you may know what I am talking about. Essentially, Aircraft sit at the apron without any movement, as pictured below.


How it would work:

Static Aircraft would fill up a certain percentage of an airports gates. For example,
Class Echo-10%
Class Delta-20%
Class Charlie- 30%
Class Bravo-50%
Of course, these numbers could easily be changed.

When you want to spawn into an airport, the gate map(seen below) would only show the gates with players in them. If you choose to spawn into a gate with an static aircraft, the static would disappear and your aircraft would take it’s place.



The setting of an airport will become more lively and feel more realistic.


More memory space will be taken up.

This has already been requested. Please continue the discussion and votes in the thread below.


should this one be closed then?

Please continue in existing thread.