Static Aircraft

I think it would be a great idea to have static aircraft / AI aircraft on Infinite flight to add more realism. If I start a flight at KJFK, I am often the only one there. With static aircraft, it will fill the gates with other airlines where they are supposed to be adding more realism. With global coming out, airports are not crowded anymore so now more than ever, we need to incorporate these aircraft to Infinite flight and fill some of the gates with static aircraft.


The aircraft behind the main 737 are static aircraft and are there to fill gates for realism. Thank you

This would be a nice feature for solo, but not for live.
Nice request!


Not going to vote because that defeats the purpose of the game. The purpose is to fly with others and not robots…


Perhaps the plane would only be there until someone spawns at that gate.


I won’t be voting for this, I think it would just prevent gates from being filled up with real pilots and be a confusion to ATC.


I can feel my frames plummeting…


I do agree this would work better with SOLO. however, live is not as realistic because there are way more airports that people fly to. When I fly on live, I am basically flying on SOLO, but gaining XP. As to confusion, maybe there’s a tag above the aircraft signaling its a static


Basically agree with what everyone else is saying. For Solo it sounds great, but for live not so much.

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Okay well at a huge airport like KJFK or even any other airport, these planes will just fill maybe half the gates. I know for a fact that 200 people wont be at KJFK at the same time

maybe just on solo mode?

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Yes, just fly solo to add AI Airlines

The robots dont fly, they fill gates.


Ye I do agree with this. Even when flying to KORD a massive airport filled up with aircraft irl, in live it could sometimes have maybe 2 total.

For ATC static aircraft won’t show up on the radar for them to not cause confusion, and for people flying it would be a lot more realistic when flying into a CYYZ filled with Air Canada planes, rather than nothing.

Would also be easier to take some nice screenshots with all the different aircraft there.

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I think this is a good request, due to Global being released airports are only rarely visited. As a community project, I suggest that people can pick airports and place suitable aircraft and liveries at the corresponding airport.

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Ye sort of like the airport editing team. That’s a good idea

Nn mais les avions IA vas ĂŞtre que pour le mod solo

This is a great request! I agree here with @Chief305. On Live, these aircraft would just prevent others from spawning at a gate, while in Solo you are by yourself.


This would be great for solo! I’m out of votes though. Also in Live, this wouldn’t work, but I would be down for it in solo. ;)

I agree, because Infinite Flight already uses a Wi-Fi connection, this wouldn’t be too much of a problem.

It would for the big events !!! We have had nearly all gstes filled at JFK before in a massive day fly in and out of JFK