Static Airbus Thrust Levers (Autothrust On)

This seems like a very easy thing to incorporate for Airbus aircraft but I could be wrong. Most of us know that Airbus thrust levers don’t actually move when the autothrust is engaged and so my simple feature request would be to freeze thrust levers at the Climb (CL) detent when the autothrust system is engaged until they are disengaged. This includes during autolands because Airbus procedure is to still move the thrust levers to the idle detent at the “RETARD” call even during autoland which is effectively the same as disengaging the autothrust in IF.

Thrust levers with autothrust off would still work as it does currently, including in the reverse (REV) range for Airbus 320 family. Also this feature is not intended for the Airbus 220 as its thrust levers still move proportionally to thrust changes with the autothrottles engaged.