State border in India

So on June 2nd 2014 in India, there was a state called Andhra Pradesh that split into Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It used to be only Andhra Pradesh before that. Currently, in Infinite Flight, there is no border line seperating the state of Andhra Pradesh which formed Telangana.

Right now, a real world map of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh looks like this with the correct border:

Currently, in Infinite Flight, it still shows the old Andhra Pradesh state, without the border splitting to form the new state:

And here below, I approximately drew a line splitting the two states which is what the realistic geographic map shows.

I was wondering if Infinite Flight could update this in the future, just to make the geography realistic?
Thank you!


thank you for thinking about India

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They can correct it in a scenary update.

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I am from India anyways

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I am going to bump this up randomly

No, we can’t.
Our coastline and country/state borders data comes from a 3rd party database that many software use. We can’t perform any modifications to that data.