Stat problem error code 8

I’m having this problem again it won’t update my stats or show it.

Hiya buddy, this still might be a relevant solution to your issue:

Thanks I will try it.

It didn’t work for me?

Same here I am facing same problem
Not being able to connect to live server

Happening to me as well rip

This and server issues is happening to alot of people right now

You guys are getting error code 8 to.

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Is everyone experiencing live server issues experiencing error code 8?

I’m in-flight at the moment, and the API just went yellow to green.

Edit: back to yellow


It’s being looked into. We’re seeing issues here as well.



Sorry for making another group chat.

I have gotten back my stats but let me see i connect through


It’s fixed now for me!

This should be fixed now:

Sorry about this!


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