Starz still needs help learning how to edit

Aloha Everyone! Today, I ask for your help in learning how to edit, because your truly sucks! Here’s some of my best shots 🤢 so please help me tyvm loves

image Time and Date i really don’t remember all at this point
image Country taipei-toronto-vancouver (sorry @TaipeiGuru and @Vinne I forgot Cathay was Hong Kong and not Taipei)
image Servers expert



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Mini Quiz!

What are my backgrounds?

  • Canadian
  • Bermudian @Lil_Seedy_Boi 😎
  • Hawaiian
  • Canadian-Bermudian
  • Guyanese-Bermudian-Canadian

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lol lets see how many spies we have spying on me

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i am not responsible for any vision lost from the brightness of the second one


Believe me, I’ve seen much worse 😂. These are really great, love the variety in the editing styles. Great work 👍


Ill give you classes @anon41771314! Love the photos

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Haha, thanks

Thanks a lot haha!

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So Tuesday at 9:00? Thanks ILOVE 🥰

haha sorry it was like 3 am and I’m kinda stupid sooo 😌😳

waits @Vinne

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I love the edits on them! Except number 2 tbh, I kinda went blind

Such elegance


That wing isn’t looking to “normal” there.

@anon41771314, I wish I could give you some tips on editing, too bad yours are too good for mine! I barely edit mine! May I ask you, what editing app you use? I mean, your editing is pretty hard on, especially the second one, but it all comes by practice! Hope you get an experienced editor to teach you soon! ;)


Congratulations on your attention, friend.
:ok_hand: 😉

Sure I’ll be there

Nice photos!

Better off editing spotting photos.



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bro don’t expose me like that 😳

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Throw in a bit of VSCO razzle dazzle as the IFCs Top VSCOGIRL, and a bit of Snapseed

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It’s almost like you want me to remove my like

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Wingtip was outta there for the night. Probably went home. (I was flying over my house when I took that)