Starz’s ATC Tracking Thread

Hello everyone this is my new ATC tracking thread here is current status!
Location: :L!
Frequencies: tower & ground

Status: closed!


Moving to PHNL!

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Hey Starz, thanks for the ATC! I was the 737, and I’ve got some feedback! I’ll leave timestamps in Zulu time, watch the replay when you can and you can skip to the times I left to see what I’m talking about:

19:49: Good job telling me I already was told to change frequencies. Just testing you there, and you caught it!

19:54: Clearance for the option was late. I was already turning base. I know I was doing a short pattern, but you should’ve cleared me earlier. A good time to do it is either when I’m turning from crosswind to downwind, or before I pass the midpoint of the runway.

19:54: You did not give a sequence to the A350 behind me, you just cleared him. Remember, you need to sequence before you clear.

19:58: Again, late clearance.

19:59: This is the only sequence you gave the entire session. You need to do this every time if you have more than one plane in the pattern and the guy in front is not across the threshold yet.

20:01: I think the go around was a good move. I felt as if I could land, but you noticed I was wobbling a bit and not aligned with the runway, so I think this was a safe move!

20:04: Late clearance yet again. Could’ve done it earlier and sequenced me number 2 behind the A350

20:05: Why was I told to maintain slowest practical speed? There was no one on the runway in front of me. Also, it wasn’t necessary to tell the A350 to watch his speed, we are flying VFR, it’s our jobs as the pilots to watch spacing. Be careful of over controlling.

20:06: You told the A350 to turn base. You need to send a “I’ll call your base” before that if you’re going to do this, you only sent “extend downwind.”

20:07: Once again, why was the A350 on final told to maintain slowest practical speed? No reason for this.

20:08: You cleared me number 2 but once again did not give a sequence.

20:08: Pattern entry for runway change was good!

20:09: You cleared me for the option but did not give a traffic direction. If you do a runway change, you need to give a pattern direction so the plane knows which way to go.

20:09: I said my position to tell you I was on full stop and would be ending my patterns. You do not need to clear me again, you already cleared me for the option, and the option includes full stop landings. You should’ve just said “Roger” and that’s all that’s needed.

20:12: Never gave me an exit runway command.

Overall, it seems like you got the basic ideas down. You just need to keep practicing and working on certain things. Sequences are important and you can’t forget them, and you need to clear planes a bit earlier which will help a lot if you have a busy airport. Keep working on it!


I’m opening at CYTZ! Come on down for some patterns!

NOTAM: Q400 is the biggest aircraft I will accept.

IFR Rules are in effect due to low visibility.

You won’t get many if you’re trying to practice VFR pattern management, especially if you don’t have radar.

Okay, thanks I will change.

Server: Training
Airport: MPTO
Pattern work: Yes
Time expected: An hour or so


Yeah, patterns aren’t flown IFR, especially if they’re staying with tower. Pattern work can only be allowed in VMC (in Infinite Flight that’s a minimum of 3SM visibility) see the public manual for more detail.


I am joining right now! I’ll try not to spin out on the runway haha. jkjk.

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Now closed!

Great patterning session! There were two slight errors I saw.

  • At 00:42, you must give a pattern entry prior to the landing/option clearance when there is a runway change. For example, you should’ve said, “N999SB, enter right base, runway 03R.” Then you can give the landing/option clearance. Small error.
  • At 00:27, you cleared CMP4018 for TO on the wrong and opposite runway (21R). I am aware that you instructed CMP4018 to taxi to 03L, but you can always back taxi aircraft to the right runway. Luckily, 21R was a suitable runway for TO, so there isn’t a big problem there. You should also stick to a certain pattern for runways because at busy times, it will be a hassle for both you and pilots, especially with pattern work going on.

Also, one quick question, why did you instruct CMP4018 to maintain rwy heading until above 5000’? I didn’t see any reason behind that.

Anyways, thanks for the service! Great job! Have a nice evening. :)

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Now open at KFLL!

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On my way!

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closed - i forgot to charge my phone


Hey! I was N145ER! You did a good job but there are some things you need to work on :) here’s my feedback; (Ok now I’m ready lol)

  • For some reason on ground it took you a bit long to reply so try your best to reply as soon as possible!

  • When I was on right downwind for runway 10R and requested runway change to 10L you did good, except instead of saying enter right base to runway 10L it would be better to say enter right downwind so that if the aircraft for some reason wants to continue downwind they had the option to other than that you did a good job on the runway change procedure!

  • when N576BX requested takeoff while i was on right base to 10L I was 7nm away from him, you could’ve of cleared him for takeoff (advice: when traffic is busy try to get as many departures out) then C-N217 requested transition and you responded with 3,500 which is pretty high, 3,000 would be a lot better, again since the airport elevation was I believe 67 or close you needed to add 2500+67 = 2567+500(try to always add 500 to make it more better) it would be 3067 round and it would be 3000 so 3000 would of been the best transition!

  • I don’t know if you know this or not but what most IFATC’s follow from what I’ve experienced is when someone is requesting takeoff you clear them for normal takeoff when the aircraft is 5+nm, immediate takeoff when at 4nm away and hold short when at 1-3nm away, just something to keep in mind!

  • always try your best to clear an aircraft once they are on upwind/crosswind the sooner the better and it will make it a lot easier for you and the traffic.

  • when someone reported their position on final and said full stop you replied by saying you were already cleared to land, you didn’t have to necessarily say that… he was doing patterns and when someone says “full stop” that means that they have decided to stop doing patterns and they are going to LAND and taxi to parking once they land this gives you an advantage of knowing if you will say the exit command or not so always say roger and that’s it!

  • when someone lands and your going to use the exit command be ready to say it when the aircraft is at 70-80 knots for commercial aircraft and 30-40 knots for General aviation aircraft!

  • also when someone is inbound or for touch and go don’t just clear them you give pattern instruction, sequence if necessary and then you clear them always follow this saying: “pattern, sequence, clear” if you follow this you will do an amazing job on patterns trust me!

Alright, I think this is all the feedback I got for today just take these feedback and consider them to help you improve trust me it will help, just keep practicing, keep making these threads and you will improve and one day hopefully soon be an IFATC!

Best Regards,
~Dereck G.

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Alright done sorry I took long lol!

if your IF works lol

Server: Training
Airport: PHOG
Pattern work: Yes
Time: 45-1:00

Come try out the new features! :)

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I’m comin!!!

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Sorry, it’s not letting me connect to IF servers, I’ll come when they are ok.

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