Starz’s ATC Tracking Thread - [OFFLINE] @ N/A

New Name, New Me.

Hey Guys! đź‘‹

It’s me, Starz. Formerly Starz_Flyz.

I’m starting ATC training again, so come by and help me out!

(Thanks @MrMrMan)


Open @ TXKF!

I’m focusing on Transitions today, which is why I picked somewhere with only 1 Runway!

I’ll stop by!

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Sorry got distracted:(

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It’s all good! :)

Thanks for that service! All good from my part! :)

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All closed for the night! 40 Minutes of useful training! Thanks to @Sashaz55 and @ThomasThePro for coming out!


The title should be [Closed] @ N/A @anon41771314

  1. Ground Control: When you cleared me for pushback and told whoever Delta was to hold position, that was a wrong move in my mind, Delta was 2 gates over and I was in a tiny CRJ, I would doubt a collision.

  2. Clearance Times: This is a big thing you need to work on, those times need to be faster and you need to memorize where the commands are on the command page so you can do better in heavy traffic.

  3. Clearance: You cleared me for Left traffic which was a great choice! I would also put Delta on Left traffic as well this could make things easier. Instead of having two different sides in the pattern this could confuse you. If you have 4-5 aircraft in the pattern separating them out would be beneficial.

  4. Option: You cleared me Number 1 cleared for the option RW 30 after the option make left traffic. You don’t need that last part as you already told me that I was making left traffic so you don’t need to tell me again. You use that command after a runway change or a aircraft coming into the pattern.

  5. Landing: I told you I was gonna full stop and you realized that the only thing that isn’t really necessary, you can just say roger so you mentally know.

  6. Exit Command: You gave me a exit command when was at 30 knots and taxing to the nearest exit, the ideal time for a runway exit is when the aircraft goes white on your radar screen and is at about 50-60 knots, if GA the best time is around 45 knots.

Overall you did pretty well and you should fix the things I said above also watching all of the tutorials in #tutorials:atc over and over again really helps! I hope you make it to IFATC! I’ll check in again in a couple weeks to see how you improved!

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@Sashaz55 It’s been a couple weeks ahaha.

Open @ TXKF (again sorry just supporting my home)

also can a mod close the other one please

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