Starz’s ATC Tracking Thread - IFATC!

Yeah, there were definitely quite a few close calls but my head math didn’t fail me and luckily we all came with passengers still alive. Really, thanks to you guys that were in the air, as you guys played a big role in how the sequencing went and I thank you for making it as smooth as I hoped for it to be!

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Good Luck with your Practical :)

My feedback as Swiss 231;

Ground & takeoff clearance ok

1st runway change - perfect pattern & clearance.

2nd pattern - clearance perfect.

3rd pattern - pattern & sequence perfect; clearance perfect.
When I informed you I was on final, full stop, it was just a courtesy. You normally respond by “Roger” & not “already cleared to land…”
I was still in the air when you gave me the “exit runway” command. Wait for the landing & speed to reduce before the exit command.

Am not including feedback for others.

Good luck for the practical.

Oh whoops. On my screen looked like you were wheels down and decelerating. My bad.

No worries… should wait for speed to drop to around 40-50 knots.

Sometimes, one has a finger or pen hovering over the command & inadvertently touches. Happens to me sometimes.

Once again, good luck on the practical.

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Thanks to the help from @Jon_H, @Nee, @AIDAN101, @GDS111006, @Ketan_Sanghvi, @paulscottrobson and @CrisYe, i’m now part of IFATC!

Thanks to you guys my recruiter @ShaneAviation + testers @WesleyHenrich, @Alex_E, @AsternAviation, and @Suhas for helping me out!


Welcome to the team. Good luck.

Congratulations Starz!

Thanks Cris and Ketan! I’m currently at PHOG if you guys wanna come


Hope you had a good session. Saw yr msg a little late.

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