Starz’s ATC Tracking Thread - IFATC!

Starz’s ATC Thread!

Applied ✅
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Practical ✅


I still remember the old days you helped me with ATC, glad to see you back Starz!

I promise I won’t crash

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It’s pretty great to be back, and keeping good standings this time. Finally can join IFATC now too.

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@Nee Check this lol

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Thanks for having me Starz! It was a fun session with GA!

Here is the feedback of this session


  • Late clearance for once
  • No clearance for once
  • No direction after Runway Change


  • Nice job on pattern entry after Runway Change
  • Nice job on G/A call

All in all, it was a great session, I hope to see you in IFATC soon!

Feedback- N17EE

[19:49:33Z] - For the transition should either 2,500 or 3,000 since the field elevation is 250.

[19:51:04Z] - When I called inbound all you were missing was the pattern entry everything else was good here.

Good go around call

No other issues , thanks have a good rest of your day

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I was wondering which altitude to transition, I was a bit hesitant, thanks for letting me know though for next time!

Thanks Cris and Nee, I look forward to joining you guys in IFATC soon!


I believe 3,000ft is perfect, 2,500ft is a bit low

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Apologies from GPSRC.

Was completely thrown by the lack of visible taxiways and runways at CYTZ. It definitely has proper marked asphalt ones in real life CYTZ | Airport | Airport Overview | X Pan | JetPhotos , so not sure if this is my tablet or IF problem. Never seen it before ! Water not visible either.

One thing ; you okayed me to taxi to 26, and a small jet (Q400 ?) went in front of me very shortly afterward ; perhaps should have issued Give way to Aircraft on your right or delayed taxi till it had passed ?

Don’t worry about it, I figured something might have been going on like a glitch or something. I see the water and taxiways on my screen all clear, so it might have been a thing on your end.

When you messaged me to taxi, I was thinking your engines were on and ready to go once cleared, so I didn’t see the need for a give way at the time.

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Pretty sure it was. Remember it took a very long time, couple of minutes to connect. Probably server issues.

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I’m now open at KFLL! Come stop by for some patterns and get those landings in!

Short unplanned break, be back in 5. Spawn in and i’ll clear you when i’m back if you want to come do patterns.

1 hour left! My practical will be 30 minutes after I close. Please swing by, let’s make this hour count!

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Sorry, got distracted by a phone call. Are you still going to be open. If so, will respawn.

Yep! I’m open until 0400z

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And that’s a wrap! Thank to everyone that came out in this last session, really caught me off-guard with the amount of people!

Nicely done, @Starz!

I think a “hold position” would have been appropriate for me when I requested pushback as Swiss was taxiing behind me, but no big deal.

Good luck with your practical! I’m sure you’ll pass.

I was debating on whether to give way or hold position as I wasn’t sure if they were doing a 180 on the spot or going the long way (which they did). Either way I waited until they were just passing behind you to clear you so once you started moving they’d be out of the way.

Thank you, I appreciate it!

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i think that went rather well, seeing as there weren’t any collisions and/or crashes! Everything felt pretty seamless, even when I was getting a little close to that TBM. But all in all, I say you did a great job handling the 4 or so planes in the pattern, including myself!

May the force be with you on your practical!

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