Starz_Flyz’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Open @ CYYZ

Tower & Ground

Runways in use: 33L & 24L landings | 33R, 24R & 23 Takeoffs


File a flight plan prior to requesting taxi unless doing patterns.

F836SP spawning now

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Sorry for the wait, had to do something. Back now.

N561JV on my way in TBM

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New Runways: All Runways Active excluding 05,15L&R,06L&R

Hi Starz,

You have to watch the tutorials.

  • Ground/taxi instructions were good
  • Take off/pattern entry was slow
  • You did not clear me. This is done on crosswind or downwind. I had to announce my position as a gentle reminder otherwise I was going around.
  • You did not issue a runway exit instruction
  • I asked for frequency change because you didn’t tell me to change frequency (which should have been done at a minimum). When I asked for taxi to parking you didn’t respond.

As for instructions to FLARE - i will defer to him but you should have let him change runways! Why “unable”??? He should have been instructed to enter right/left downwind and to follow me in the sequence.
When he asked for departure south you should have granted it and automatically permitted him to change frequency.

Again please watch the tutorials and you’ll have a more productive session.

Another important reference is Anton’s post with the “Golden Rules of IFATC”, I always refer people to this:

Good luck and I look forward to future sessions with you!


I’ll check the replay and PM you with a reason.

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Now Closed

Ok a couple things

  1. Not sure why you decided to have me taxi to the other-side of the airfield when there was a RWY right behind me (not that big of a deal)
  2. There were quite a few occasions when give way instructions could be used while I was taxiing
  3. You never gave me a clearance on the first two attempts at landing, when I announced go around, you eventually responded when I had already fallen back into the pattern and was on final.
  4. The only time you did give me clearance was typically around 100ft-200ft AGL this is wayy late for a clearance. You can give clearance as early as crosswind and downwind you don’t have to wait so long until on final.
  5. When the other GA aircraft was in the pattern on 33R and request change, you gave hime clearance and then a sequence, the proper way is to give him a new pattern entry (sequence if needed) and the clear him
  6. You also never gave me or the other GA aircraft a sequence so we had no idea who was first and/or second

There is still a-lot you need to work on I recommend viewing the #tutorials section for advice on controlling.

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So I have a few things. First I would highly recommend watching the ATC tutorials as well checking out the IFATC Manual. They are a great help and have tons of information.

Ok so lets start.

  • First thing was that I had to call 3 times I believe before getting a response to cross RWY23. I highly encourage that if your going to open up try to schedule uninterupted sessions so that you can give your full undivided attention.

  • 2nd. I was the only one in the pattern 33L and didnt get a cleared for the option till i was turning base to final. Dont hesitate to just clear so eone when the pattern is dead so you can focus on the next person.

  • 3rd. The Rwy change I requested 2 of them. The first you said I was unable. There wasnt a problem with saying enter left/right downwind #2 traffic to follow is on right base/final. There was no departures and no other traffic so it wouldnt have interfered with any traffic.

  • 4th. The transition. The transition should be 2500ft above aerodome lvl. In this case the AAL was 600ft so the right transition should have been at or above 3500ft. The 5000ft you gave me was too high.

  • 5th. When I called inbound for T&G you just cleared me to land. The proper procedure should have been a pattern entry first then sequence if applicable and then clear to land.

6th. The 2nd rwy change you just cleared me for the option with the wrong sequence. Always remember Pattern entry/sequence/clear

Other then that a few minor mistakes but nothing that cant be fixed. If you have any questions feel free to DM me or just reply. Hope to see you open more and hope to see you in IFATC soon. Good luck and happy controlling!


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Now Open Again!

Now Closed

I’m going to make this quick…

  • Commands need to be quicker
  • assume when aircraft need to cross
  • u should use “already instructed to contact tower”
  • good spacing for takeoff (the 2 Air Canada’s)
  • could have just cleared me instead of saying “Roger” first.
  • Need to clear earlier
  • good rwy change
  • I told u “full stop” and u cleared me for “the option” still (should have cleared to land)
  • exit rwy command needs to be said

Thanks for opening up!

Don’t forget to change the title of your thread to closed😉

The Option is not always T&G

Option clearance covers it all touch and goes, stop and goes, and landing with intention to exit RWY. When a plane announces full stop it means they intend to exit the RWY after they have touched down so the proper clearance is for landing followed by exit instructions.


explain please you just confused me does that mean i did it wrong?

Technically yes the option clearance can cover full stop when the pilots do not announce full stop. However landing clearance covers only exiting the RWY so when a plane announces full stop you should clear them to land not for the option.



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