Starz_Flyz’s ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Still waiting…

Sorry! My game crashed, and i’m coming back in.

Rgr… 😂

Good work. Feedback in DM. :)

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Status : Closed.

Hi Starz
I would recommend watching the tutorials:



Don’t forget to update your title. :)

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Happy Birthday too!

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Status : Open @ CYYZ

Why are you not issuing clearances that is why I am going around.

Status : Closed due to Network Issues

Ok why did you not once issue me a clearance and why did you send On Guard warning message when I was on that frequency?

You were off my frequency for a minute when i was disconnected and reconnected

I was waiting for you to call your final.

Oh ok, and I don’t have to report on final or inbound when remaining in the pattern you can just give me clearance (sequence if necessary).

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Open @ CYYZ

Tower & Ground

Runways in use: 33L & 24L landings | 33R, 24R & 23 Takeoffs


File a flight plan prior to requesting taxi unless doing patterns.

F836SP spawning now

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Sorry for the wait, had to do something. Back now.

N561JV on my way in TBM

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New Runways: All Runways Active excluding 05,15L&R,06L&R

Hi Starz,

You have to watch the tutorials.

  • Ground/taxi instructions were good
  • Take off/pattern entry was slow
  • You did not clear me. This is done on crosswind or downwind. I had to announce my position as a gentle reminder otherwise I was going around.
  • You did not issue a runway exit instruction
  • I asked for frequency change because you didn’t tell me to change frequency (which should have been done at a minimum). When I asked for taxi to parking you didn’t respond.

As for instructions to FLARE - i will defer to him but you should have let him change runways! Why “unable”??? He should have been instructed to enter right/left downwind and to follow me in the sequence.
When he asked for departure south you should have granted it and automatically permitted him to change frequency.

Again please watch the tutorials and you’ll have a more productive session.

Another important reference is Anton’s post with the “Golden Rules of IFATC”, I always refer people to this:

Good luck and I look forward to future sessions with you!