Starz_Flyz Monthly Event Hop - Creepy October! @ MMMX - 312045ZOCT19


Starz_Flys Presents, the First Event in the STARtacular series of events,

Creepy October / Halloween Haunt Flight!


This event is going to happen in Mexico, where Halloween doesn’t happen. So why not make it awesome! We’re looking for a fun time on this Spooky Night!

All Callsigns must be SPOOK then a number with Max 3 Numbers.


Attending Members are in for a spook of their Lifetime!

Airline Aircraft Callsign Member
Aeromexico 737-700 SPOOK1 @anon41771314



Please rate my thread and tell me how to improve :)

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I don’t agree on this part. While the event seems interesting, the Día de Muertos is a day to commemorate those who have left the earth. This is not the equivalent of Halloween.


Nice organization. I will say though… Mexico doesn’t intend Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) to be spooky. It is a celebration of life, death and is meant as a day to remember your deceased loved ones. It celebrates the natural cycle of life. They all celebrate the ways in which on this day, their loved ones come back from the dead and celebrate with them.

Nicely organized event. Enjoy :)

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oh sorry, i messed it up a bit and confused it with a movie. sorry if i offended anyone.

No need to be sorry or to apologize, we just wanted to point it out.


To everyone, this is going to be very fun, so come and enjoy the celebrations!

I’m confused, is it 2045z or 1000z?

2045Z, my bad.

That’s right🇲🇽

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I’d love to see people sign up for this event!

Event will be cancelled if we don’t get at least one attendee

Will be cancelled if nobody signs up by 2019-10-24T04:00:00Z

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