Startup problem

Hi guys , sorry to bother you all but I have a small problem. I can’t seem to start out at Milan Airport even though I have the pro subscription.

What type of errors are you getting and if you could send over any device info that you have so that we can all better assist you getting on the ground and more importantly into the air!

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It is an iPad air 2. 11.4 firmware…
So I’m trying to start out from Milan and the error message I’m getting is : infinite flight pro is required to start a flight from this location.

But I have another month left on the pro subscription…

Appreciate the help


Hello! Are you logged into the correct account with your live subscription active? If you think so, please send a picture of your account page where we can see your current live subscription.


Will do, I’m not sure of where to upload, is it here or some independent area?

Please upload it here, so we can all investigate into your problem at hand.

You can upload directly in your IFC message editor by clicking the 12%20PM icon :)

Will do cheers

Have you restarted the app and your device?
Try clear data and cache.

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Restarted app. Will restart device now , cheers …


Really doubt that would help.

If restarting the device doesn’t work, try logging out and back in. If that doesn’t work, try re-installing the app. Does it work in solo?


If this doesn’t trigger it to get logged in for you, try also signing out of the account and back in, a lot of us have got it cleared up by trying that trick!

One step at a time, hopefully you’re flying in no time!

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Hi guys ,

I restarted the device and it’s working again so much obliged for your time and help. Probably should have restarted myself before coming on…

Cheers and thanks again, now to get the hang of this new plane 😄


Make sure you set the solution.

…? Ok unsure of what this is…

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