Startup crash on Samsung

I recently updated the game on my Samsung galaxy tab 4 after it updated it would not open and displayed the message below. Can someone please try and fix this. Thanks.image

Try to restart your device

I have but it still does not work

Also, try uninstalling and redo loading IF. Also, your android version :-)?

Android 4.4.2


Is your device almost full?
Becous if its almost full IF can crash

I don’t know but how do I get rid of stuff

I also have Android 4.4.2 and it works

Should I just delete apps

What tablet do you have

It happens to me but then the second try it works

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In the optons and than space or so and thear you can delete apps

What tablet do you have @Belfast_spotter

Hudl it is 4.2.2 i think

A old Asus tablet and a LG phone with almost no memory

Try clearing your cache, then maybe debate apps if need more.

Thanks :))

I recently purchased a Galaxy T530NU…and had a similar crash like you…l suggest that you download and install the DU Battery Saver app from the GPS…the crash I believe is memory related…so clear out and end all your other apps before you start IF…except the system operating related ones…the DU program will warn you when the device memory is too high and beyond safety limits…or when the cpu temp is too high…from playing IF for awhile. … so make sure you heed their warnings…if you have anymore issues with your device…PM me back…glad to help you

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How do you clear out apps