Startup and shutdown system


Make another page with engine startup system and shutdown system. Also a checklist to follow would be amazing.

Engine Startup/Shutdown Sounds

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This has been requested many times.
When you think about it in depth, it’s actually quite difficult and involved to do.

prop animations, and jet too to a lesser extent.
Sounds for both.
Plus engine control panel/buttons for each plane would be very different and varied requiring much resource, unless you literally just had a start stop button.
Plus if you stop an engine midflight, it should add a drag factor to the physics model. We currently don’t have fuselage drag yet.
There are probably more I haven’t thought of too.

Start and stop the engines

Probably you can make it like the pushback button. Simple start/stop engine(s) button that will disappear once you are moving.


Yes that is a good idea, it would add to the realism.


Cheers for listing this. There are a couple of points that I haven’t really considered before. For argument’s sake, could the fuselage drag not be added retroactively, and start/stop buttons be implemented in simplified form? Or is it really better just to wait until there’s time to implement the entire mechanism in one go?