Starting the Year Off Hot! | @KCLT January 25th , February 1st

What’s good IFC

I embarked on my first two spotting expeditions of the year and it started off with quite a bang. I got a golden sunset my first go and today I tried to do the same but kinda failed. It was pretty cloudy and I wasn’t expecting to take a trip but out of the corner of my eye I saw some sunshine. I saw it was clearing out so I took a chance to catch the golden hour. It started out promising but the sun decided to trash my expedition and put out some pretty awful lighting. Regardless of that, I still caught some really hot shots.


  • Canon T6i
  • 40-250mm lens
  • Some cheap and good tripod I bought from amazon a year ago

AA A321

We are gonna start from today and work our way to the best pics. During the good lighting I managed to catch one of the million AA A321s taking off in the sunset. Glad this one rotated later to get more of the side instead of the belly.

Aircraft Info

  • Aircraft: A321-211
  • Airline: AA
  • Age: 18.9yrs 👨‍🦳
  • Route: KCLT-KPHX
  • Reg: N161UW

AA E175

If you couldn’t tell, the lighting sucked at this point. Editing these were quite a pain but I did the best to compensate the conditions. I feel like we get a lot more EJs these days then ever before. They are starting to mix in with the CJs and A320s as the 80% of traffic here.

Aircraft Info

  • Aircraft: E75S
  • Airline: AA
  • Age: 12.1yrs
  • Route: KCLT-KEYW
  • Reg: N122HQ

AA B738

This was perhaps when the transition was happening between the good and sucky lighting. It really felt like a mix of the last two pics combined. I’m happy that we are getting more 738s to balance all those darn Airbuses and CJs. These are way easier to take as they rotate a lot later which lets us get much better pics. CLT’s boringness unfortunately isn’t cured though…

Aircraft Info

  • Aircraft: B738-823
  • Airline: AA
  • Age: 7.2yrs
  • Route: KCLT-KMCO
  • Reg: N901NN

AA A333

36C arrivals are here and there everyday but it’s kinda rare getting a heavy these days. This one from LHR was pretty late and arrived about 20mins before the 2nd LHR flight. Lighting sucked but hey, an A333 landing on rwy 36C is something I’ll take anyway. Also cool getting another shot of the same plane (N271AY).

Aircraft Info

  • Aircraft: A333-323
  • Airline: AA
  • Age: 19.8yrs (looks a lot younger)
  • Route: EGLL-KCLT
  • Reg: N271AY

AA A321 (Good day)

We have reached the first day where I started the year off huge. I caught a golden sunset with no clouds interfering the sun which set up some incredible shots. Looking forward to daylight savings so I can get the heavies departing in the sunset

Aircraft Info

  • Aircraft: A321-211
  • Airline: AA
  • Age: 6.7yrs
  • Route: KCLT-KLAX
  • Reg: N198UW

AA B738 (Good Day)

Its a little grainy but I thought this shot was pretty cool with the dark clouds in the background.

Aircraft Info

  • Aircraft: B738-823
  • Airline: AA
  • Age: 7.1yrs
  • Route: KCLT-KMEM
  • Reg: N903NN

AA B738 (Good Day) better angle

This is one of my best catches simply because of that golden color and insane contrast. If you were at the overlook, you could probably hear me freaking out about how good of a shot I caught. This is what I’m coming after this year and I hope to get some heavies in the same condition.

Aircraft Info
Same as the pic before

What to expect this year from me

I think I have a good idea of how my spotting is gonna go this year. A little somethin like this.

  • ~10 trips to CLT
  • HND skydeck spotting (August)
  • NGO Skydeck spotting (Summer)
  • ATL Renaissance Hotel spotting? (Spring or Fall)
  • BOS Spotting? (BOS Marathon time- plz hmu for spots around BOS. I’m very interested in spotting there).

Hopefully you guys aren’t getting bored with all these AA CLT topics. Until the next one, peace!


Wow! Great shots!

My favorite:


Now those are some amazing photos, can’t decide what’s best! CLT really has some great variety if you go at the right time.


Yessss those golden bois!!!

You did a great job


Bet. You must do this

Clean shots mate!

Nice Shots!

That’s probably my 2nd fav

Yeah summer evenings when Volaris comes are the best probably. Winter is pretty boring throughout

Just need no clouds 😉

Yup, that’s one of my most wanted places to go to. The Terminal T parking garage is also a place I want to check out. I’m thought the hotel was way more expensive but it’s a great price for a view like that.




Ladies and gentlemen welcome to American Airlines town! 😛

Amazingly good job 👐

Can we make this the official name of the airport? I want to contact the city board now.

Around 90% of the flights are operated by AA or it’s subsidies.

Some really fantastic shots, especially the E175 and A321 ones (and the first B737). Couldn’t get bored of such great pictures for sure!

Thanks for sharing!

Ooh lovely shots you got there. Very good job mate.

When were you out there to get these? Yesterday?

The bottom 3 were from 2 weeks ago and the first ones were from yesterday.

Thank you sir

Interesting, I really hated the lighting in the first ones. Glad I liked it anyway!

It’s only gonna become more Red, White, and Blue this year. CLT is AA’s focus this year. More 320s, CRJs…


What time were you out there yesterday? I was there, don’t know if you saw me. I was at the Overlook till about 5:30pm or so.

Like 4:30 to 6. I had a tri pod and was wearing all black top to bottom.

Well, I don’t mind the shots being bright as long as everything is well visible and the contrasts are good (which is all given with your pictures).

Different opinions led to more diverse pictures though and that’s great!

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