Starting The New Year Off On A Good Note @EIDW 1st January

Hello IFC. I got up early on New Years to start the year off with some plane spotting. Here are some of my favourite shots from it below. Enjoy :)

Airport Operations Info

Departing Runways: 28L
Arriving Runways: 28L


Canon 500D
55-250mm lens

1 // A6-ENP Emirates 777-300ER from Dubai

2 // EI-DVM Aer Lingus A320 from Paris in the stunning retro livery

3 // HB-JDB Swiss A220-100 from Zurich lined up on runway 28L

4 // EI-FAW Aer Lingus Regional ATR72-600 from Edinburgh

5 // PH-BXP KLM 737-900 from Amsterdam Schipol

6 // A7-BHB Qatar 787-9 from London Heathrow on a cargo flight

7 // EI-DUZ Aer Lingus A330-300 lining up on runway 28L for Chicago

8 // LX-LBR Luxair 737-700 on short final from Luxembourg

That’s all for today. Let me know which was your favourite! Mine would probably be the Aer Lingus retro. Hope you enjoyed :)


Wonderful pics to begin 2021 Ryan!

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Thiccccccc boyyyyy

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Great pics! I especially love the retro Aer Lingus one also, but the A220 is awesome too. All amazing!

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Imagine having sun during the winter


Welcome to Ireland the most bi polar weather on the planet


Better than Rochester where it’s sunny 60 hours a month

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Well here we have 60 hours of warm weather a year 🤣


Come to DFW, where it’s sunny 85% of the winter with zero clouds

We also have coronavirus for your enjoyment.


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i’ll flame you for putting an apostrophe in that


The only sad thing is that there is no snow, like where I live. I wonder when the last Christmas was, that we had snow… Nice pictures though! Especially the A220 is fire

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Thanks 🙏

Imagine living in America




Thanks girlos 😘

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Wow, these are some cool photos! Looks great!

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Thanks mate!

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The retro livery is stunning!

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I would agree! Certainly one of my favourite liveries out there

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