Starting slowly with 19.1 - VHHH edits and bonus

As you may know, replay mode is out. I took off this morning before school for a YSSY - VHHH (Sydney-Hong Kong) in a A333 of Cathay Pacific.

So first, a little multicam of my landing and then some screenshots with the bonus.

Taking the sky in this (soft) reworked A330

Holding short 16R

Sydney at the horizon


Touchdown at VHHH

So that’s it, all this content out of one flight that’s amazing! Share you pics with the community to inspire us all. Have a great day :)

Oh yeah and the bonus Quenan?
Have you check localisation of your pictures?

Where will I go next 🤔


Is Google Maps telling you where you took a screen shot in flight?


Yes it does, awesome right? You end up with a map full of screenshots :)


How did you do that? lol

Really good photos by the way. I like all of them.

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I didn’t do anything, just check on location of your pictures in your photo files

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Looks very good!

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Thanks tower :)

Oh that was in my session :)

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Your lucky to be able to land. I went around twice the diverted to Kia tak. I had to do the Kai Tak approach in a 787… Nice photos though

Nice pics and video Q 👍👍

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Thanks mate
Always trying new angles

Maybe we will be able to set up a flight and make some fighter pictures

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Nice landing! We should definitely fly sometime!

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wow didnt notice that actually, thats a cool extra to it. At the end of the year u can have a look at all the places uve been to

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Nice job Quenan 😎👍🏻

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Yep, I’m always around

That’s exactly what I was thinking 👌

Thanks, the A330 is a lovely aircraft - she deserves to be honored :)

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I guess this would be the perfect 330 for ya 😎

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Less tea, more baguette and I give it a try 😉
(credits right bottom)


Nice 👌🏻 And don’t forget cheese

(make a feature request)

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Always up for those kind of flights mate 😎

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