starting problem - SONY XPERIA Z5

I have problem on my SONY XPERIA Z5. Sometimes if I want to start the game, its going to be a freez, than i must wait for 1-2 minutes and my phone switch off application… than i must restart my phone and than, after restar is it going once freez, but second time if i start the game, its going on

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I may be getting it confused but the Z5 is not a very technologically advanced phone. Even some of the most recent phones do not have the graphical power to run IF as it is a very demanding game. I suggest buying a table with the iPad Pro being the best one in my opinion. If you really have your heart set on playing IF on your phone try turning all the settings down, deleting RAM using apps and making sure you have no apps running in the back ground

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Z5 was Sonys flagship not so long ago. So lack of performance is most certainly not an issue.

Sounds more like something went wrong during installation. Tried removing Infinite Flight and re-installing?

I think you may have meant buying a table_t

Sorry only just noticed but my point still stands

I totally agree with you, I use If on my iPad Pro.

Sony is never talked about in the forum.

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Thank you verry mutch, maybe i know where is the problem. But I cant buy
any iOS system… I’m student and I pay for Z5 450€ and iOS systems cost in
my country a little bit more Like in USA, there cost IPhone 7 about 900€
and IPhone 7+ about 1080€. I really like this game, its really cool, Z5 is
a great mobil phone but I know, If i want to play best games, i must have
the best hardware :) but If i buy iOS system, and there on android I buy a
planes (777,320,340,787) can you take me this android account and copy that
on my than iOS account? Thanks

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Just like with an XBox, you cannot get the same games or content for a PlayStation for free. Android and iOS work the same way.

Its True, but I dont know where is the problem, Z5 have 3GB RAM and using
standard about 800-900MB so there is not problem, next i have still clean
my phone and I dont use anti advertisments app, often game start normaly
and I can join to fly with another players but sometimes i see only this
screen and when i tap on one of the “buttons” its without answer and IF is

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Closing this as we are already working together with a Ussr Voice support ticket. No need for this duplicate.