Starting PMs for Other Users’ Report Appeals

First, allow me to say that I know those that do this are trying to be helpful. I’m not saying that the desire to assist is not admirable in most situations, but the end result in these cases is something that isn’t desirable. (Please read again before replying “but we are just trying to help.”)

Anyway, as everyone knows (or should), report appeals are handled via a private message between the controller and the user involved, possibly with the addition of a moderator.

There are myriad reasons for this, and there really isn’t a reason to rehash them, but the important part is the private nature of that message.

By definition, a PM opened by a third party is no longer a ‘private’ message. There’s a third party who wasn’t involved, doesn’t need to be privy to the communication, and what’s more, can’t be removed from the message because they were the one who opened it.

For that reason, please refrain from opening PMs with new users and the controller by whom they were reported.

Once again, I know this is meant to be helpful, but we simply have to open a second PM with the user anyway to remove you from the thread of communication, which, you might note, means we can just skip step one entirely.

I promise you, we see all of the tags in the thread just like everyone else. That’s the point of the tags, to notify us. When these threads also say “he is a new user, so reach out to him” we can read that, and thus manage opening a PM with the user ourselves.

Note, this may take more than a few minutes, but we will respond. In the exact same amount of time we would respond to any extraneous message opened by a third party which we then have to discard because there’s an uninvolved party on the message and start a new one anyway.

We appreciate the attempt to assist, but the end result isn’t what we are after by keeping appeals private. One tag in the thread is sufficient for any and all purposes. If we need to open the message ourselves, we will do that.


Great post! Personally I have not been ghosted yet, I definitely have not flown in IFATC featured airport twice but I see appeals all the time, and have heard of this issue. Very helpful to those who need it.

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