Starting on the Training Server

I’m starting flying on the training server so I was looking around pervious topics and couldn’t find any that helped me with my query. What should I know before flying in the training server? I heard there is violations and It’s sort of scary to think about. I know the four level 1 ciolations, but is there anything else I should be careful about doing? And what changes are there? Thanks


Hello @Errigal!

We have a flying guide provided to us, and I highly suggest checking out, and we also have a wide variety of video tutorials that can also assist you in the matters of flying tutorials and atc tutorials as well!. For a written description of everything you’ll need to know from when you spawn in until you spawn out can be found here, from our flying guide :

I’ve linked you the first lesson, if you read it then scroll to the bottom, you’ll find everything you need to know.

We also have tons of video tutorials as well which I think will probably help the most since they are a great visual and may be easier to understand than a wall of text. Here’s that :

Hope I could assist, have a great day, also let me know if you have any more questions!


taxi slowly at reasonable speeds 10kts-20kts, don’t run into other people and dont exceed 260 kts before FL10. also don’t do acrobatics around airports(but i think this is just a thing on expert server), you should be fine

The only violations on training are:

  • taxiing faster than 35kts
  • flying faster than 260 kts under FL 100
  • overspeeding
  • sitting on runway for more than a minute without moving
  • doing aerobatics near and airport or under 10000ft (do it on casual plz)

That’s really just for expert lol. ATC basically never matter on training cuz half the people have no idea what they are doing anyways…

You are completely right. My first time on training I got directed to fly into a mountain and the person was also MAKING people taxi into each other.

Training is great to start off on, there’s a number of rules that help you understand the sim more but not too many so that you’re not overwhelmed. Enjoy your time there and I hope to see you on expert sometime soon!

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Thanks everyone and I hope to see everyone on expert soon enough!

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Also lots of thanks for the detailed explanation from @ShaneAviation and everyone else too! Realised I already thanked everyone sorry…


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