Starting Off - "Exploring The World In Infinite Flight" [KSFO-KLAX]

Hello IFC!
This is the topic about the 1st flight out of 70 that I will do in the project that I named “Exploring The World In Infinite Flight”. My objective is explore places all around the world, focusing on doing flights to all 3D Airports, but going to countries and cities that I have never flown before!

Our first flight was from San Francisco (KSFO) to Los Angeles (KLAX) in a United 737-900. The weather was not that bad in both cities and we managed to do a perfect flight without any problems =)

**Flight Details**

Aircraft: Boeing 737-900
Airline: United Airlines
Route: KSFO to KLAX
Flight Time: 01h and 01 minute
Server: Expert Server

The same aircraft arrived from Cleveland and parked on Gate F88, now boarding passengers to Los Angeles!

All boarded, now starting the pushback!

While approaching rwy 28L, we watch a Delta 777 taking off for a 4 hrs trip to Atlanta (KATL)!

"Positive Rate, Gear Up!"
Bye SFO! See you on our 70th and last flight of the project!

Stabilized at flight level 310! (31,000 ft)

"Flaps 25°"
We have already descended, now on the last turn to final approach on runway 25L at LAX!

Safe (but not smooth) landing at Los Angeles International Airport!

Parking at the gate at Terminal 8! First flight of the list completed!

These 3D buildings make the photo so much realistic!!!

This was the first S&V topic about my flying project, so I hope you guys liked it!! Wait for the next chapters ;)

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Thanks for the attention guys! Nice flights =)


Yes indeed! Buildings certainly do yield a better experience for realism!
Lovely set of photos there!

Good luck on the rest of your travels! Hope to see you in the skies sometime 👍🏻

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Thanks mate! I´m glad you liked it =)

I love the pictures! Great job!

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Nice pics! That routes my favorite as it was my first multiplayer flight.

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I’m surprised to see most people didn’t like picture #4. I love those type of photos!

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