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TuiVA was founded in July 2019 with a firm focus on fleet realism. Our route database is updated every month keeping up with real life changes to the actual routes of TUIfly. Routes of all TUI sister companies (TUIFly Belgium, TUIfly Deutschland, TUIfly Netherlands and TUIfly Nordic) are offered, giving pilots a wide array of destinations to choose from (over 1500).

We also have a structured ranking system and a rigorous training regimen, which emulates real life airline experiences into IF skies.

Our website is custom made by our COO, who worked very hard to give our customers the best experience possible when using it.
We invite you to join us in flying for the world’s largest charter airline!

Discover your smile.

Here are some reasons why you should join us.

Our Approach

As the biggest charter airline, we take pride in the realism we offer. We encourage our pilots and staff members to excel at what they do and provide them with the necessary push towards excellence. All issues are tackled at in the best possible way to ensure that there’s always a smile in the VA.

Amazing Events You Can’t Miss!

We have multiple events every week that bring our pilots together, no matter what part of the world they come from.

Tui-Hop Tuesday’s: Every Tuesday, we will head out in Tui aircraft and to touch and goes at a few airports. Not only does this bring us together, it increases your landing count!

Events Every Saturday: Every, Saturday, we will fly a special Tui route, that lasts around 1-3 hours.

Quality before Quantity

Each person, whether experienced or new to the simulator will go through a test and must achieve a certain percentage to qualify as a pilot and start their career with TuiVA. Our Chief Pilot will make sure that each and every pilot is made fit for the role and will be provided as much support as needed to thrive in the airline. Each pilot will be monitored by our Chief Pilot continuously to make sure our quality doesn’t drop. Whether you have great experience, or are new, we will make sure you become the best pilot possible in our VA.

Our Support
Our staff members work around the clock to make sure you are happy and everything runs smoothly. No matter the problem, we will make sure it gets tackled in a timely, professional matter.

Our Pilots and staff come from a number of different backgrounds and nationalities, making TuiVA one of the most diverse out there. We are like family, always there for each other. You will never regret joining.

Hello there! We can proudly claim ourselves to be the largest chartered VA in Infinite Flight. All our staff at TuiVA are prepared 24/7 to deal with your queries and solve our problems. Our Moderators Leon And Jared maintain discipline and order in our slack. Our CIO Manav has a remarkable response time of half an hour i.e each week within 30 mins of the featured routes getting announced you will be supplied with the TuiVA featured routes of the week. Our COO and the gang takes care of everything else you need

(From Arya Das, one of our most active pilots)

As CEO of TuiVA it gives me immense pleasure to welcome you on this long and fun filled journey to be one of the best in the skies. Rest assured, we are in a very exciting phase and looking at much more excitement in the coming future. Join us here at TuiVA to discover your smile.

(From Abhas Desai, our CEO)

Hey, I’m Manav! I’m the Chief Information Officer here at TUIV. Most people would call this is a VA but for me it’s my second family.

(From Manav Suri, CIO)

Hello! I’m Jared, the Chief Pilot here at TuiVA. It’s amazing to work with all these pilots, helping them, answering any questions they have. Whether it be about ATC, flying, or about how much I love Chocolate, I am always there to help as much as I can.

(From Jared Hall, our Chief Pilot)

Our staff members work very hard to make sure our pilot’s always have a smile on their faces while with us. Here are a list of them below!

Meet the Staff Team

The Executive team

IFC Name Name Role
@Cloudrush Abhas Desai CEO
@vansh_purohit Vansh Purohit COO
@Manav_Suri Manav Suri CIO
@Tomjet073 Oliver Pitcher HRM
@PlaneGeek Jared Hall Chief Mentor
@Leonard.Brownies Leonard Brownies Moderator

The Management Team

IFC Name Name Role
@J2S Josh Tedla HFO

Below are the minimum requirements to join us at TUIVA.

  • Be at least 13 years of age
  • At Grade 3 or higher in IF (Grade 2s will be accepted but must receive extra training)
  • Be willing to fly and file at least 1 flight per month
  • Posses a legal copy of Infinite Flight PRO (Or be getting a subscription soon)
  • Be able to download the app Slack (We use this for communication).
  • Be able to download the app Airtable (We store our route database here).
  • Clean Background (No previous suspensions from the IFC, not on the IFVARB Blacklist or Watchlist).

Rank Hours Required Main Aircraft Codeshare Aircraft
Trainee 0-5 E190 (TuiBelgium) DH8D (Avianca, Japan Air)
Cadet 5-15 N/A E175 (Japan Air), A318+A319 (Avianca), A319 (Brussels), CRJX (Garuda)
JR. First Officer 15-25 A320 (TuiNetherlands) A320 ( Avianca, Virgin, Brussels)
First Officer 25-50 B737 (TuiDeutschland), B738 ( TuiUK) B738 (Garuda, Norwegian)
Junior Captain 50-75 B752 (TuiUK), A321 (TuiDeutschland) A321 (Etihad, Virgin)
Deputy Captain 75-100 B763 (TuiUK), A333 (TuiUK) A333 (Avianca, Brussels, Etihad, Garuda, Thai, Virgin)
Captain 100-125 N/A B772 (Thai), A359 (Japan, Thai)
Senior Captain 125-175 B788 (TuiUK) A346 (Virgin), B77W (Etihad, Garuda, Thai, Virgin), B788 (Avianca, Garuda[Xiamen],Thai)
Commander 175-200 B789 (TuiNetherlands) B789 (Norwegian, Virgin), B78X (Etihad)
Senior Commander 200-250 N/A MD11(Garuda, Thai), B744 (Thai, Virgin)
Elite Commander 250-300+ N/A A388 ( Etihad, Thai)

Being at a higher rank must come with perks. That’s why we at TuiVA include them in our rank chart.
Click the drop down below to view them!

Rank Perks at TuiVA
Rank Perks
Senior Captain Access to “Short Haul” Executive routes, 1.2x bonus on flights.
Commander Access to “Medium Haul” Executive routes, 1.7x bonus on flights.
Senior Commander Access to “Long Haul” Executive routes, 2x bonus on flights.
Elite Commander Access to “Ultra Long Haul” Executive routes, 2.2x bonus on flights.

Ranks and Aircrafts are subject to change

Flying to more that 1500 destinations, you will never run out of fun here at TuiVA. Each time you fly with us, you discover more and more.

Mainline Fleet

Our main fleet consists of many different aircraft to enjoy!

Embraer E-190 (Generic)

Tui Airbus A320

Tui Deutschland Boeing 737-700

Tui Boeing 737-800

Tui Deutschland Boeing 737-800

Tui Boeing 757-200

Tui Boeing 787-8, Tui Boeing 787-9

We also have an executive fleet, that is used to fly some of staff members between their home airports.
This consists of the Cessna Citation X, the Boeing 737-700BBJ, and the Boeing 787-8.

Codeshare Aircraft


Aircraft Do we have this livery?
A318 Yes!
A319 No (Generic)
A320 Yes!
A330 No (Generic)
DH8D No (Generic)
B788 Yes!


Aircraft Do we have this livery?
A319 Yes!
A320 No (Generic)
A330 No (Generic)


Aircraft Do we have this livery?
A321 Yes!
A388 Yes!
B77W Yes!
B78X Yes!

Japan Virtual Airline

Aircraft Do we have this livery?
DH8D No (Generic)
E175 No (Generic)
A359 Yes!

Garuda Indonesia

Aircraft Do we have this Livery?
B738 Yes!
B77W Yes!
B788(Xiamen Air) Yes!
MD-11 Yes!

Norwegian Air

Aircraft Do we have this livery?
B738 Yes!
B789 Yes!


Aircraft Do we have this livery?
A330 Yes!
A350 Yes!
A380 Yes!
B772 Yes!
B744 Yes!
MD-11 Yes!


Aircraft Do we have this livery?
A320 Yes!
A330 No (Generic)
A340 Yes!
B738 Yes!
B77W Yes!
B789 Yes!
B744 No (Generic)

Introducing TUIATC
TUI Virtual ATC (TUIATC) is a group of well trained members that provide ATC for events and other flights. People who join TUIATC will go through a very rigorous training course, to ensure the highest quality ATC is provided throughout. All three of our TUIATC trainers are IFATC Specialist/ Officer qualified, so you can be rest assured that the service you receive is the highest quality.
To join TUIATC, you must first join TuiVA, by filling out the Application Form. Next you will contact one of our TUIATC trainers and fill out the written exam. If you pass, you will then take the practical exam and be all set to control for our events!

We also have many codeshares with other VAs, making your experience even better!

We have codeshare routes with @aviancavirtualgroup, @Garuda_Indonesia_VA, @Pilot_Dan1 (Norwegian Virtual), @BrusselsAirlinesVA, @VirginGroupVA, @EtihadVAOfficial, @ThaiGroupVirtual, and @JapanVirtualAirlines.

Links to their threads are posted below.

TuiVA Codeshares

Virgin Virtual Group
Virgin Virtual Group | Revamp in Progress | Another New Website Teaser!

Avianca Virtual Group
Avianca Virtual Group | Official Thread

Thai Group Virtual
Thai Group Virtual | The World Is Always New!

Etihad Virtual
Etihad Airways Virtual Official Thread || Now Recruiting Pilots || Welcome to Different

Norwegian Virtual
Norwegian Air Virtual | Freedom to Choose | Official Thread

Garuda Indonesia Virtual
[New] Garuda Indonesia Virtual | Official Thread

Brussels Airlines VA

Staff Opening | Brussels Airlines Virtual Official Thread | From Belgium to the World

Japan Air Virtual

Japan Virtual Airlines | Official Thread | Come and feel the Japanese Hospitality | Staff Recruitment Open!

We use an app called Slack to communicate. We expect all members of the VA to use it professionally and follow all rules.


Airtable is also an app that we use, so that we can manage routes, as well as PIREPS!


So what are you waiting for?

All you have to do is fill out this form Here!

We’d be delighted to have you join
Join Us | IFVARB | Website | Instagram


TUI Virtual airlines is no way affiliated with the real airline. To book real flights, please visit the official Tui Website.


Lovely thread @TuiVirtual!


Thank you, Luke!

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Dedication level at Tui is amazing we have people having new year parties and we have people like @PlaneGeek working hard to get the thread up


Awww Shucks 😊
We are happy to have you on board as COO.

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I’m so glad I joined


We are glad to have you with us :)

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Great new thread TUIVA! Keep on Smiling in 2020! It’s great to be apart of this VA! ❤️


Thanks Vinvent!
We are grateful to have you with us :)


TUIVA is definitely one of the best VAs in the community with the most interesting and pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff members and pilots 😘
I’m glad to be a part of it 🥰


Thanks for the kind words Jarad 😉


We thank you for being our moderator!
You’ve done so much for us.
Happy new year!



Amazing Thread ! Tis a Job well done And to the new fellow airmen who will be coming onboard in 2020,always remember… Always Be Cheery!
And with that , this is Arya From India …bidding farewell to the magnificent decade 2010s …
And we will see you in the next year 😊 !


Just applied! First time applying for a VA. Definitely feel like this is the one for me since I’m a frequent TUI flyer! Hope I passed!


Thanks for applying! One of our staff will contact you. Please allow up to 24 hours :)


The new thread is lit, amazing one! Keep smiling even in 2020 guys!🙂


Lovely thread! :)


I LOVE being in this VA, I’m looking forward to seeing what TuiVA will become in 2020 😁


Happy to tell you that you have passed Please allow upto 24hrs for our HR manager to contact you

Amazing thread guys! Wishing you all the best for the upcoming year! 🎉🎉