Starting my own VA

Hey community i just got promoted to TL2 and am wanting to start my own VA. On the IFVARB website in the database it says that there is no Frontier VA, so i took it upon myself to start one. Would anyone be interested in some high level positions with me so i can get a good operation plan?

Submit your application, get entered into the review process, then you can post in the Prospective VA Staff Request Thread - #176 by The_PilotDylan.


Staff recruitment isn’t allowed until review stage. I can give you some advice though, as I have a good amount of experience with VAs. PM me with any questions.

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Hey just out of curiosity so I can take a look, what website did you find the VA list?

On the IFVARB website in the database column

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Hi @CPT_Colorado, you should start with a website, a chatting platform and a crew center. There are lots of responsibilities and lots of effort needs to be made.

And also, I hate to be that guy but, advertising staff positions is not allowed until you are in the second stage of approval.

If you want any tips and help I’ll be happy to help with a nice smile. Plus remember to check out the IFVARB website.

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Thanks. Ok i am making the website now thanks for all your help

There actually is a Frontier VA, although they are more than likely preparing themselves to undergo IFVARB certification process. I believe the founder is @PrestonThePilot

Yeah sorry about that @CPT_Colorado . @thenewpilot is correct, instead you can find a different VA/VO to make.

Just remember, “There are plenty of fish in the sea”

Yeah. There isn’t an Aeroflot VA (as far as I know).

Ok that’s a good idea, is there an Iceland air VA

No, I dont think so

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Also, you can always create a VO (virtual organisation) and be smt like a corporate airline or just a newly founded charter airline. Opens up the freedom to create routes and use any aircraft with a white livery

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I will try Iceland air then

Icelandair is on the banned airlines list due to copyright restrictions :)

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Oh ok then i will try Aeroflot. Btw is Lufthansa VA still a thing?

Lufthansa is copyrighted, so they go as Nonstop Virtual.

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Oh ok, welp i am going to go Aeroflot and see if it turns out, thanks for all of your help

Aeroflot is already reserved…

Ughhh ok how about mango air