Starting My Journey

Hello everyone!

I’ve started my journey towards getting a phone so I can play Infinite Flight! If you remember my other recent topics, I have been trying to find a way to play Infinite Flight on a PC since I have a 32 bit phone. I wasn’t able to find any good way to play it though. Jason even replied to one of my topics saying that they weren’t going to bring Infinite Flight to PC. So I decided that I would start saving up for a phone. Even if it isn’t for quite a while, I will eventually be flying in the skies with all of you and I look forward to that time. I haven’t been able to play Infinite Flight since they made new system requirements, so I can’t wait to try out everything they have been working on. The developers have done a phenomenal job and I wish to thank them for their efforts!


Okay, so I have been planning ahead to decide which phone I would get when I do save up enough money. I was looking in the device compatibility thread and I noticed something strange. It looks as if the Google Pixel 4 is more powerful than the newer Google Pixel 5. Is this true? Thanks!