Starting in 10 minutes: Crossing the US @KBOS - 221930ZDEC18

  • Aircraft and livery: Alaska Airlines A320

  • Route: KBOS - KSFO

  • Time of Departure: In 15 minutes starting now

  • Server: Training

  • Additional Information: I hope to get as much as participants as possible for this flight. There needs to be a minimum of five people for the flight or else it will be cancelled. Please copy MY flight plan an spawn right next to me. I will pushback first and decide which runway we will be using. Please do not leave during the flight or else it’s a waste of my time. Hope to see a lot of flyers at Boston!
Hello can you use the correct formatting for the topic header.Thanks!

In addition, if you are unsure you can find more information here on the correct layout.

There, now it’s good

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Has anybody spawned in yet?

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