Starting Flights With Doors Open

When ever I start a flight all the doors are closed. I have to open them, and then about a minute later I close them for pushback which is unrealistic. Any way to start with the doors open?

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There is no way to start a flight with the door open right now.

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just imagine beeing a pilot coming to a Aircraft which is in “cold and dark” mofe coming from a Parking position or a maintenance hangar amd you have to open it first before beeing able to enter it… Thats what I do


It has to be United’s A/C system Im thinking something different)

I suppose you could make a feature request for this :)

Well, I spawn in atleast 30 minutes before push, open doors and stuff. Close them 3-5 minutes before push. If you have that time, that’s what I’d do :)


Thats a good way. I do the same. Open them and then create the flight plan and do all the preparations. About 5 mins before pushback i close them ;)

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