Starting flight school!

Hello everyone!! Im very excited today as I got the news that Im soon going to start Flight School!!
This is the first step to achieving my dream and becoming a pilot! I was just wondering If I could get some tips from you guys!
Thank you!


i’m sorry i don’t have any tips. 😞 But i’m very happy for you!!! Live life to the fullest?!

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Thanks I appreciate it!! Make sure you live it to the fullest too!!

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If you get the chance to transmit a message on frequency, speak up and listen well, they talk remarkably fast. My first time, I was nervous and I stumbled on frequency, which was super embarrassing when I had to repeat my transmission like twice.

Enjoy your flight lessons! You’ll have a blast.


sounds awsome best of luck to you on your school!

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Thanks for the tip!!! Ill make sure to speak up! I was just thinking about that and Im super scared to even think about talking to ATC but Im sure Ill get used to it. Again thanks for the tip!!!

Thank you very much!!!


Well first let’s start off with saying congrats!! It’s an amazing feeling.


  1. learn your aircraft inside and out, research it! Not only is it better for your knowledge it Is also a lot of fun to know. Knowledge won’t kill you!😂

  2. study hard

  3. have fun! Enjoy yourself

  4. don’t be afraid of ATC. They are a pilots best friend (besides the hot chick in the FBO)😂


I am happy for you. Do you well do a live in YouTube? If not I have no problem good luck 🤞

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  1. Don’t be nervous, research your school patterns, make sure you have a friendly instructor, unlike that one who yelled “how you gonna become a pilot” video
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Amazing tips!! Thank you very much it feels amazing! I’ll make sure to do all this things!! Again Thank you!!!


Thanks!!! Ill try making a live if possible!!

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I forget, try not to think the ground is bad and the sky is safe 90% can help it but not shure

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Rip I haven’t watched that video. And will do!!!

I am not a pro, but study a lot for the landing

I am so happy for you!
I’m just curious. What airplane will you be doing your training on?

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Thank you very much!! And It will be the Cessna172 SP

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99.9 for Cessna


Huge congrats man! My tip would be to stick to it and don’t give up. One flight lesson is good, but two is setting you up on your journey to a pilots license.

Have fun and good luck to you!


For person d’ont know, this is a picture of a Cessna172 SP