Starting Fires - With Helicopters!


Ever wonder how Wildland fire fighters control fires? Sometimes they do control burns, basically smart people determinate how to burn a place so an advancing fire will not continue on. Crews (Hotshots) are typically in charge of these but sometimes rotor wings get involved, Here are some awesome pictures of a Hughes 369 doing a control burn on the Zaca Fire

Photo creds to Dave Welby!


Nice photos and interesting to see. I guess Iā€™d never thought of them doing controlled burns in such a way. Quite cool! Well, quite hot I guess haha.


It must be fun being the pilot of that! Lol, average day of a Fire Copter Pilot:

Radio: Graninite Mountain Heli1, we need you to burn a fire line to help contain this sucker.
Pilot: OhhhWeee! This is gonna be fun!
Starts Burning Stuff
Pilot: I am a god!!! Burn baby, burn!!


As a helicopter pilot We already tried to be gods but that slot was taken, so we became the second best thing ;)

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