(Starting) BravoCharlie's Farewell Event || @LFLJ 021000ZMAY20


Unfortunately, the time has come. It has been an incredible month so far with the pilots in the Infinite Flight skies. Flying, controlling, and so much more. My subscription ends on the 3rd, so I decided to make a small farewell event, because unfortunately, I may not be returning to IF live anytime soon.

How it’s gonna work

So, with this event I aspire to make a small gathering of some pilots where we fly around the beautiful alps, do some formation flying, and fly over calm, crystal-clear lakes and rivers . The alps, are truly a magnificent place for flying. We’ll take off from the challenging Courchevel, where we will do some VFR flying and formation flying, which after ~2 hours, we will return back to Courchevel. Here’s a wikipedia page for you to see for some more interesting information regarding Courchevel:

Event information

Spawning Time: 2020-05-02T10:00:00Z (1000Z)
Aircraft: C172/TBM930
Flight time: Approx. 2 hours
Route: LFLJ (crouchevel) - VFR flying, then returning back
Server: Expert Server

Approach chart for Courchevel

Gates And Assignments

Gate Attendant Aircraft
GA01 @BravoCharlie, @Louis TBM930
GA02 @NeperQiell, @AviatorAlex
Hangar 01 @JornGroen C172
Hangar 02 @Lucas_Piedra

*NOTE: due to the gate limitation at Courchevel, once you spawn, please move away from the gate to allow additional participants to spawn. Several people can get a gate.

Thanks for looking, I look forward to seeing you there!



That’s actually sad, Hope for you the best of luck!
I’ll see if I am able to attend the event later on.


Sign me up!

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If you have space left i would like to join! I will fly with a Cessna 172

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That is sad, I can’t come sadly. Have a good event!

You will still be on the IFC?

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I have added you @NeperQiell and @JornGroen! Thanks a lot for coming guys.
@Infinite_Qantas would you still like me to add you?
@Luke_King-kong that’s alright! Yes, I will still be here but I am slowly becoming less active.

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I’m sorry but I realized that I’m already doing a flight around that time😅
I hope you’ll have a nice last event :’), will be sad to see you go

At least you are not going for good!

Oh my god. I can’t believe it. It has been a pleasure to have you within our little community! I hope to see you in the virtual, or real, skies sometime soon.


I’d love to attend. Even though it’s at 6am for me, I’ll still come! I’ll make my callsign BC as well :)

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Cheers, means a lot to me :)

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Hey there!

Sorry to hear that!
Unfortunately, I already have a flight planned for then. However, I may be flying over head at around that time, I’ll keep an eye out for you! 👀

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Sorry to hear that you’re leaving
I wanted to join but it looked like all the gates and ramps were already filled (and I’ve never done formation flying and wouldn’t wanna get in your way 😅)
You’ll be missed bro

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Several people can get a gate, so if you decide to change your mind let me know ;)

Darn, it’s too early in the morning for me to make it ☹️. Thanks for flying the IF skies with us, and for organizing the events! You’ll be missed, and please come back soon!

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I’ll be attending, see you then

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Cheers Louis, see you there!

Thanks for coming @AviatorAlex, I’ve signed you up!
Just 2 more spots remain!

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@Louis, @NeperQiell, @AviatorAlex, @JornGroen, @Lucas_Piedra the event starts in 40 minutes!

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Thanks for the reminder! You might wanna make a PM, we’ll be flying in a formation after all

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