Starting a VO

Hello, I am interested in starting a VO and am looking for a partner to do it with, if you are interested please DM me!

Hey! It’s great to hear that you’re interested in starting a VA. Here are some resources that will help you out-

Here’s the official IFVARB page on VA creation, packed with FAQs and tips/instructions about how to start a VA:

Here’s the list of reserved VAs that are being worked on already but not approved yet:

As for finding staff members, I recommend reaching out to those who are pilots in VAs you are a member of (like SVA :), this is a great place to find enthusiastic friends who might want to work with you.

Also, consider starting the approval process by submitting the VO application first by yourself. Once it has been accepted, you can post on the VA Staff Request Thread to more easily find people who want to work with you! Here’s the link to it where you can see some examples of requests:

Another SVA CEO??? Sheesh

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Thanks man, this will help!

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What airlines are you thinking of doing?

I have found a partner and we will make our own airline called Milan Air


If you are interested in a staff role let me know!

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