Starting a Virtual Airline

I am looking to start a new virtual airline.
Does anyone have any tips/advice for starting a VA?

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Visit for information on applying.

Please PM me for more questions regarding this as I had my own VA back in the days.

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Starting a virtual airline takes a lot of dedication and commitment. Your goals need to be very prominent from the start. Creating a team requires trust and sometimes pilots and staff may not join your VA, but you still need to keep going on.

Choose a VA that has a good amount of routes and some variation in fleet. Having 2 planes with 1 in generic livery may not be a great idea for a VA.

Also, avoid letting others know the VA you choose to reserve until unless they are on your team. Somebody might take the reservation, leaving your hard work to either waste or potentially a team up.


Hey there, @aviationjax. 🙋‍♂️

I recommend you take a look at the Information Thread for the IFVARB provided below. Keep in mind that you have to be TL2 or above to create a VA/VO, you are currently TL1 (Basic).

Assuming you make it to TL2 sooner or later, head to, and browse the VAs/VOs that have already been taken, and evaluate that, to create a VA/VO that has not been created yet.

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@ran Thank you so much for the advice! I will keep all that in mind.

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@Niccckk I have actually reviewed the IFVARB VA/VO database and the VA I am interested in starting is not yet taken. I am working to get to TL2 so I can submit an application. How will I know when I reach TL2?

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It will take you about another 10 days to become TL2.

TL2 can be reached by simply liking, posting, replying, etc. In short terms, just actively contribute to the community, and you’ll eventually make it.

Also, @aviationjax, have you been part of any VAs before?

Hi there!

The links posted above by @Niccckk are all great sources for beginning when looking to start a virtual airline! You must be TL2 to start, so keep liking, posting, and being active on the forum, and you will get there in no time!

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to PM myself or an IFVARB admin to help you out further!