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Is there a specific TL we have to be to make a VA also, I need a website maker that is free and professional

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Google is a great resource.

See for everything you need to know.


Thank you! :)

Also, It can’t be one that exists right?

Well, if there’s already an IFVARB approved VA for a specific airline, you can’t make a second…pretty self-explanatory if you read the website (which I highly recommend, going into the VA world with a lack of understanding won’t consitute success, nor will it help your VA become IFVARB approved).


Hey @PilotChrisSG!

The best way to find exactly what you are looking for is to go to where Thunderbolt mentioned, Specifically take a look here where it will give you an FAQ, what the process looks like, and some Tips for along the way. Additonally, if there is a specific airline that you have in mind you are going to want to check here and here to make sure it is not taken all ready. For a website, two good makers are Wix and Weebly.

Hope this helps!

I recommend weebly, it’s what I use and you get a high amount of product for free :)

Or code it by yourself and host with Infinity free!

Adding onto what @KTJ_Mitchell said, check this page, it has a list of Banned Virtual airlines, which means you can’t create VAs based on them.


@PilotChrisSG I would prefer as it had a free setting where you can allow users to make an account (which you will need to approve) and access some private pages so that could be good for a crewcenter.

Basically, a new member goes to the website and can sign up. You will then approve it if you want. Then, that member can log in and access pages only logged in users can such as PIREP forms and routes and etc.

If you decide to make a crewcenter from something else (I cant remember the name; maybe phpVMS) then I would recommend weebly as it has a better interface

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Not sure what you mean there, weebly and phpVMS are 2 different things; Can’t be used together.

Tho Chris, you can make a VA based on it but the chances of approval will be less due to copyright reasons or etc (the original reason why its banned)

For example:
Air New Zealand can be Kiwi virtual.

Yes. Weebly can be used to make a website, phoVMS can be the crewcenter.

As for Wix, its free to use the login system unlike weebly. Weebly’s login featured has to be payed to be used thats why weebly needs another host to create a crewcenter

Sorry for bad grammar lol.

Ah ok I misunderstood then :P

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If you have any other question, feel free to ask as I tried making a VA once

It’s a long and hard process so you should get someone you like and trust on the community to help you.

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