Starting a Scale Model Airport! Some tips?

Hello everyone! I am thinking about starting a model airport! It would contain of 10 jet, new ones very month! Can you please leave links to find new inexpensive GemeniJets200 JC Wings 1:200, InFlight200, and Phoenix200. Also, where to find inexpensive model airport (accessories, buildings, mats, etc)


Yeah, those are for Europe I need stuff for U.S.

How would I know haha ;)

Yeah, I checked a lot of stuff!

I suggest using 1:400 scale models, as it means you can make your airport a lot larger, whilst 1:200 are just too large. If you do use 1:400, you can get printable desgins here:

I also know a page where you can print out mats, but I have forgotten where it is. I used it for mine.



Yeah, I’d have to say 1:400. If u was doing 1/200, I’d go Hogan Wings, since those are pretty nice models at a good price. is a great place for 1/200 and 1/400.

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For the airport terminal, you can buy an airport mat, with 6 narrow body gates and one wide body gate, part of a runway (numbered 27), and the possibility of getting the expansion with space for hangars.

You can get the mat at

If you want, you can also get the airport building, specifically designed for the mat. It comes with the actual jetways.

You can get this at the same website.

However, this is meant for 1:400 scale :/

But, on the reverse side of the mat, you can find a 1:200 scale version of the same airport.

I am also brand new for my model airport, and honestly after doing alot of research, ebay is a very good place to get good quality aircraft and vehicles cheap, as well as fast. I just bought a gemini 1:400 mat for only 40 bucks and the terminal with gates for 130, which is usually 150 to 200. Just make sure to read the desciption very clearly and keep a good eye on bids, but dont bid to high if you can find it cheaper

Okay, I’ll see. I have 11 1:200 but all in House Colors. Maybe 1:400 isn’t a bad idea!

Yeah, 1:400 is much cheaper than 1:200.

It is if you are on a budget and also if you dont have as much space. 1:500 is much cheaper but too small for my liking, but 1:400 is a great choice

Yeah, 1:500 is way to small!

I would do a link to Waffle Collectibles, but it’s not that cheap after shipping :)

Actually, Hogan Wings is pretty similar in price to 1:400…

Where do you live in the US?

Eastern Coast …

Not really that specific. I was gonna recommend a place if you live in Upstate New York but now I don’t know. If you look on the GeminiJets site you can find some retailers.

Okay, where is the place? @Noroftheair

It’s in Toronto. You would have to cross a border and have a long ride, but it’s worth it because you can visit Niagara Falls, Toronto, and do planespotting too.
Basically a vacation through there if you are allowed to get one. I do it when I am going on a flight out of there.

They have Threshold Aviation store and Avworld Canada.