starting a new va

how do I start a new va ?

Hey, @Captain_Dreamliner!

I suggest you to visit this thread:
IFVARB Information Thread [Start Here!] [Updated 20190220]


ok…thank you!

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Search the forum before posting it will make life here easier ,trust me :)

Well first I suggest you take a look at these threads down below.

Then after that,look at this thread so you know which VAs are available and which aren’t.

After that I wish you luck in starting a VA!


I did…it dint show up…

Anythin Virtual should bring it up

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I searched va…starting a va and nothing came…probably should have searched virtual

sure…thank you!


Good luck starting one!

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thank you! anyone interested in joining ?

What type of va are you aiming to create

a real world like indigo airlines…

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or jet airways

Have you checked the IFVARB database to see if it’s available to open?

gonna look now…

Okay well yeah the IFVARB have there own thread filled with useful info and formatting specs read read and read again then ask questions then read some more be sure and then plan it

will do…

Also check IFVARB active reservation list to see which VAs in application process.

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oh where’s the active reservation