Starting a new account

Hi guys! Does anyone know how to start a new Infinite Flight account? I’d like to start back at Grade 1 (now that I know what I’m doing 😂) and work my way up.

Thanks for your help!

Hey, @jwhetten11! I think @schyllberg can assist you with this. he may help you. Feel free to email for assistance and he will respond.

Great, thank you so much!

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As said above, contact staff, if they don’t respond quickly i would advise you to not take matters into your own hands and make a new account as there is a chance you will get both accounts suspended.

Happy flying!

see number 6 :)

I think the OP is trying to start a new Infinite Flight account and not a new IFC account. Having another Infinite Flight account is totally fine.

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That’s for IFC

Ahh, okay i thought he would be making a new IFC account to link it to a new IF account, my bad :)