Started playing again recently - new ATC interactions?

So after taking a 6 month hiatus from IF, I am back playing on the expert server again. Have there been any new major changes related to interaction with ATC since then and are there new actions I have to take when departing and arriving or is flight planning and ATC reaction still mostly the same? Just want to know to make sure I know how to act when I enter a controlled airspace again (don’t want to have to quit or be ghosted). Thank you!


There haven’t been major changes to ATC since Dec ‘19, which is when our last update was with the A359 as well as a map change and potential ATC changes.

Here is the blog post with the last update’s change log.

Do correct me if I’m wrong 🙂

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20.1 is releasing sometime soon meaning center will come back from the dead, along with instrument procedures being added. You can prepare for their addition with the information listed on the Infinite Flight user guide.

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Don’t worry, in the last 6 months nothing has changed. Nothing at all!

Lucky you got here before 20.1 because that could get confuuuusing


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