Started flying at Averett

Finally started flying at my University. Averett flys a fleet of Piper Archer IIIs, and they are wonderful aircraft. Everything feels nice and we’ll made. They handle very well. Love em. Anyway, I went on an orientation flight with my instructor and showed him what I knew so far. Did slow flight, stalls, stepp turns and simulated emergencies. After that I made six of the best touch and goes off my career. It was awesome. Total of 7.4 hours at this point. No video this time tho.


Thats awesome! You cannot ever forget your first flight!


I am so happy for you! When will you start flying solo?

Hopefully next week. I have to study for a pre solo written(only at Averett sort of thing, make sure we know the area and aircraft) and then get endorsement from my flight Instructor. He said I should be doing it this next week or the week after

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That’s awesome… thanks for sharing! Best of luck in the future! :)

Thanks :) I’m excited

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