Started a 24 hour live of KLAX

Hi, All -

I have been thinking recently, there is no 24 hour live feeds of airports. So I thought I should do one. I am using my VA to stream the 24 hour coverage of 1 new major airport every day. It will become part of the VA YouTube channel. It has been going for 5 hours so far, and no problems. I am doing it on training because I didn’t want to get booted off expert for just letting a Cessna sit on the apron for 24 hours haha. If an IFATC member gives me the go ahead I can start to go onto expert and maybe even get a separate website from my VA just to broadcast multiple hubs so you guys can watch!

I am doing this mostly because it is 1 fun, 2 it sometimes is so annoying having to go into each airport and scout around to see what the traffic is like and maybe just hopping onto a website and checking the airport would be helpful!

Right now it is one single live stream on my VA YouTube, it has no chat box due to IFVARB guidelines (we are not IFVARB approved I just think approved or not it’s still good to follow them).

I hope this helps a lot of IFC users and is entertaining to watch all the arrivals and departures! Hopefully in the future if we get enough viewers I can break off this live stream series (right now it is a series on the VA YT) into its own website/YT and grow this idea! If you have any questions about the live or any feedback for me feel free to ask! Sorry about my grammar I’m just tired so I didn’t really care haha!

Anyways, have a nice night everyone.



(Right now I’m steaming it off my old iPhone X on Streamlabs mobile (so no widgets) but tomorrow I will use OBS with some cool widgets to make it even more fun!)


Sounds like great fun!

I am pretty sure you won’t get booted off of expert server because you aren’t in the way of many people. Anyways, good luck on 24 hours!

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Yeah, but in order to have a good stream I have to tune out of KLAX ground and ATIS so wasn’t sure if an IFATC representative would boot me for that haha

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Also all the ATC on training server today that were atc at klax im so sorry I didn’t listen to your on guard messages haha I hope you know now it wasn’t just me ignoring y’all haha 😂

Ahhh, makes sense.

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Yeah, but if I can get special permission from a IFATC admin, then I’ll do it. Just don’t want to risk my expert server privileges haha! Also if we get more than 20 users on avg. watching per day then I’ll make a separate website from my VA and make it it’s own website called like “IF Lives” or “IF Airport Cams” or something and I think that would become really pop on the ifc and very helpful

If your aircraft isn’t moving or disrupting the flow of operations, you won’t be bothered whatsoever. Heck, even if you were monitoring an ATC frequency, we wouldn’t care. Just don’t clog the frequency with messages or start taxiing without ATC permission and you’ll be fine.


Yeah, I would prob spawn on a stand or ramp far away from any aircraft traffic - not disrupting anything. However I might be tuned out of all frequencies.

There is something similar to this already happening! Presented by The Touchdown Zone. Here’s the link to the topic.


I don’t think his is 24 hours, more of stream schedule. That is what differentiates is.

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Mine will be constant. Non-stop - and it will cover multiple airports.

If I do get to the point where it gets popular, I might need to team up with some devs to create a stable OBS to support non-stop streams. Because right now Streamlabs is fine, but it cannot run multiple streams smoothly.

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Awesome! If there’s anything I can assist with, I would love to! Thanks

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Yeah! If you want I can PM you and we could get something started. I am a semi-developer haha - not like a excellent coder or anything but I know how to make good websites (I made my VA website and many others in general) and I used to be a sorta popular streamer of IF back in the old days so I know how to work OBS’s.

But I need all the help I can get! Because I think this is a feature we should definitely work on brining to the IFC.

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Yeah, I don’t really know how to code but I can do some other things…do feel free to PM me!

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Yeah! Doesn’t matter! Your still prob a good helper haha - I’ll shoot you a pm in 20 mins I have to go eat my dinner haha (it’s midnight and I still have not had dinner 😆).

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If anyone else is interested in this project feel free to DM me! Any devs interested feel free as well! Doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to code if you have experience at an VA, or any organization digitally feel free to DM!

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This is also plane spotting, not live streaming. So, we will have the difference of constant streaming rather than scheduled bursts of streams.

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mb guys this is the link if you want to tune in!

This is a image of the live

(every 12 hours it takes a 10 min break (STREAM NEVER ENDS, It just switches frames inside stream) - it might be more if a staff member manually adds another 10 min break in at random point)