Hey, please note I am not asking for a release date!

So, I was just thinking about the development of the A350 and how far the devs will have left, and I need to ask a question, when was the A350 started???


According to the development timeline, around April 1st.


Thanks alot

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As you can see by the picture of the 3D-model, the actual work started well before April 1. It’s just that the information was published on that date if I remember correctly.

A lot of great information can be found in the link that DiamondGaming shared. Its a wonderful idea to bookmark the timeline in your web browser or save the website so that you can monitor it for future updates regarding other development announcements.

Additionally, staying tuned to #announcements would be a great idea as well. Staff & Developers will post there occasionally with updates regarding the A350, 777 rework, and the C172 rework. Keep in mind that there are multiple folks working on these aircraft. Just because you see work being done on the C172 doesn’t meant that the A350 is being put on the back burner.

Like pilots and air traffic controllers found in the real world, the developers are capable of multi-tasking in efficient ways to get their product out to you in an expeditious manner. πŸ™‚