Start Specied engine inoperate function

Hello everyone !
This function is inoperative in Infinite Flight where it would be to start or stop the aircraft engines and this function would be very useful for those who use Throttle with Sidestick or Mache integrated in Infinite Flight, but I hope you guys can solve this in the nexts updates

I don’t believe this is inoperable… tap it and press a button on your joystick/keyboard and the operation should be assigned to the button/key you pressed.

I did it but it didn’t work …

May need to make a topic in #support before jumping straight to #features , most likely an issue on your side.

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not working, this is a problem in the infinite flight

Well make a #support topic and if there isn’t a fix for it, then it is an issue on Infinite Flight’s part and may be logged for a fix in a future update.

Ok, good Evening

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