Start of a virtual airline Flyreise FLYREISE NEED PILOTS!

@qf737400 has a great idea virtual airline so I start a airline Flyreise.
You can fly and I make the routes and see to witch airport you most fly
My Airline has 5 planes
2 boeings 737-900
1 Boeing 777-200ER
1 Airbus 330-300
1embraer ERJ-175

The routes I say if you want to flight

Your callsign I also say if you go to flight

See you

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First route ksan terminal 1Gate 10 to KLAX waypoints ZOPLA SAN72 VPLFX SUTIE RO962 KLAX
Passengers 145
Cargo 6500 kg
Fuel 12,053 kg
Airplane 737-800 untited
Time depart 17:00 zulu
Callsign FLR001

Pleas say if you want to fly for flyreise

You pay is XP from the game😉

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It think its dumb to make an ailrines that has plane that you can fly and only 4 of the plane in this game.

Yes i know but if there are more players then there are more airplanes

Tell me more about Flyreise. What are your routes? What is the hub? How is the service done? How many flight hours would be good for applicants?

Flyreise hub is KSAN
Flyreise destinations are KONT KLAX KPSP KNUC
Later more destinations

If there many pilots how want to flight then the’re more Flights on one day

Is there any benefits of flying with Flyreise, if not, what’s the point?

I’ve been looking around and have found websites that have been made for virtual airlines. I never knew.
Most airlines dont have a lot of pilot but I think with over 14000 members on iFFG there is great potential to creat a few strong airlines, like FSX

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Is the creator Norwegian?? Or is the name a coincidence?

Join Sky Airlines we have advanced pireps , va financials , bid a flight and more.

PIREP, financials and bidding in IF? Sir, I think you are trying to mimic a VATSIM VA… Are you for real?

Is a virtual airline for IF

AA and Qantas have the same things

I hate virtual airlones. You have to choose a hub and fly specific planes which defeats the purpose of IF.

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