Start from first

Operating system:

I want to start from first bcoz i cant reach the 4 stage i have lv2 and 3 violations restrictions for one year and i cant w8 fr one yr so i want to delete my all data and start from first so how to i proceed pls help me guys
Thank you

Hmm I can’t understand it?

He has lvl 2/3 violations and can’t get back to grade 3 so he wants to wipe all his data, start from scratch and avoid the 1 year wait for Expert.

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İt’s looks like he did it lol

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I’m not sure this would be approved, but this sounds like an account handling issue, which should be directed to

The Support section of IFC is more for technical glitches to be reported.

For future reference, here’s the FAQ page for the Support section!


This somewhat defeats the purpose of violations, no?

If you can just get around violations by resetting your account, there’s no point in having violations at all.

You can’t trade your stats for a clean slate. Please feel free to use the training and casual servers in the meantime.