Start again. 0 violations

There have been crazier topics, so I feel safe to post this one…

I am one of those pilots who started on IF Live not ‘hindered’ by any knowledge whatsoever.
I didn’t really take the time to figure out how the IF app worked; didn’t know how you could see other aircrafts. Also I had no awareness of the concept of general flight rules, violations etc.

I was one of this pilots we now refer to as noobs and nimrods. I didn’t want to be, but I just was; I just didn’t have a clue.

At that time there was no casual server (I think), so by the time I found out how things worked, I had collected an impressive amount of violations. I estimate that 95% of the violations I have, I collected during the first few months. But you can’t get rid of them, can you. No mercy here - your sins stay with you forever!

How do you deal with this? Any old Grade 5’s here, with over 150 violations? How do you sleep?
Have you ever considered asking for clemency for your early violations?

Or… have you ever considered to open a new account, and start again?

Please do not take this topic more serious than it’s meant to be ;-)


I have 75 violations on my Grade 5, but I would just start all over again if it had more than 150 violations. If I get my current Grade 4 up to G5, I would go for a restart. I’m not sure if there are any G5’s with more than 150 violations


I remembered with my bad habit by taxiing at 100GS and putting full throttle after climb after taking off from the runway which caused me to get multiple violations. I had think to start a new account several times in the past, but It would require more time to get back to Grade 3. And I guess this account has so many memories, as I have been using this account since the early days of Live, being an IFATC, and now after Global gets released. That’s the reason why I don’t want to restart my account even though I want to get rid of my violations


I have alternate accounts prior to global cause I could afford the live subscription xD

However, I was like you, came into IF with not much experience. I was the kind who didnt want these violations, whenever I got one, I had to look it up and made necessary corrections.

Although my violation count is below 50, I do feel uncomfortable with it, but its a good lesson for me =p I still get violations some of these days and I always regret them and my decision to be complacent.

I just try to be satisfied with myself for not getting too much violations =p


Your idea does cost a lot of money I just shrug my shoulders at stats and have fun flying, after all, that’s what games are for. I do love fly realistic and obey the rules I,m grade 3


It doesn’t cost a cent if you are buying a new subscription anyway.


@Kevin_Potthast I think Im miss reading this but its 80 dollars (USD) to buy a one year pro sub

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Yes, but his subscription is expiring soon so either way he will pay $80. He doesn’t loose a cent if he goes the new account route.


Oh well yeah if you think of it that way.

I never had a single violation during infinite flight live. I went away on vacation and decided to leave my device at home. Unfortunately my brother thought he could do whatever he wants on my device and started playing infinite flight which ended up in him getting me so many violations. When I came back I was grade 1 and I was really mad. I don’t do so much flying due to tests and finals in school. Ever since the violation change it has been a struggle just to get back on the expert server. I’m tired of flying with noobs on the training server. It would be nice for the devs to implement a revive mode. But anyway stuff happens I guess I have to deal with it.


When I first joined live, I was quite aware of the violations and I wanted to have 0 violations forever. I even got so scared on my first flight when I got the overspeed warning that I quit. Pre-global, I had four violations. Now, 31. I try not to get too many violations, but my hopes of staying in the one digits has gone down the drain. Most of my violations were from forgetting about my flight and crashing. I wouldn’t restart from the beginning even if I had 100+ violations, because I have a kinda sentimental attachment to this account and I’m sure I’d still get more violations when getting back to grade 3+.


I believe I have 38 violations, I’m grade 5. I would only leave this account if I received over 75 vios, I like how this account has turned out. Most of my violations are from either forgetting about a flight, or me speeding upon takeoff (I do it manual, and often forget to lower my throttle).

I have almost 200 violations (199) and I’m nearing grade 5.

I, like you received probably 90% in the first 3 months because of lack of basic knowledge. Now I’m working on two years of flying and they will forever be with me. I fully expect to reach grade 5 at some point but it will be rough because of these past violations.

I have used your post in a feature request, just posted.
Perhaps it makes sense to specially protect the IF app.

Unless the mobile device is actually yours, which means you need to protect it with a password.

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I’m grade 5 with 2 violations. If you want my opinion someone that really wants no violations can do it there are plenty of tutorials that you should watch before flying. I spent weeks watching them over and over before I started flying. (Those 2 violations were probably when I wasn’t looking and kept accelerating…)

In my opinion if you were immature and or didn’t know how to fly that still doesn’t explain much as there are plenty of tutorials. If you didn’t know how to fly you should have thought, wait maybe I can learn…?

As for the my brother excuse, the plane is still under you’re responsibility. If you can’t put a code just look you’re device in a cupboard…

IF is a sim not a game.

Anyway that’s my opinion you might disagree, but anyway I’ll leave this here…


Agreed, Grade 4 could be nice, but I don’t have that kind of time between classes and work…


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I wouldn’t mind making a new account. The problem is, I am on the same boat as @George . I have had IF for a long time and there are several flights on my account I don’t wanna lose. Plus, it took awhile to get to Grade 4 so it would suck to not be Grade 4.

I find this a both-way sided conversation. There are people who wanna restart, but at the same time don’t want to restart, and there are people who are definitely against restarting. Both sides have key points so I am just gonna relax and here from both sides. :)


I think restarting due to violations count is silly, unless it’s something absurdly high. If you exceed the 15 ghostings, then I understand the prerogative. I’ve been with the game near the beginning; I am a grade 5 with a 10:1 landings to violation ratio and 1 ghosting, I sleep just fine. Violations can be negated by landings. I remember the days when the casual server didn’t exist and all violations were strictly enforced. You learn to avoid putting yourself in those situations. Before the casual server existed, I stopped flying fighters cause I could not keep those damned planes under 250kts when under 10,000 feet (which is why i don’t have a lot of hours with the DC10/MD11 either). I also make incredible use of the casual server, even though i’m an “old Grade 5”.


I’ve managed to keep my violation count under 40 and keeping that number low has been important to me from day 1. When I do inevitably get tagged with a violation (usually while flying a newly released aircraft) the feelings of disbelief and rage are actually more prevalent shortly after than if I were to receive a $250 speeding ticket in real life. I too have considered the do over, and other ways to remove arguable violations, but moving on and learning from my mistakes has been my reprieve.

I have about 70 odd violations which I picked up early in my IF Flying career. Whilst mainly these are for over speeding on the ground or under 10k for various reasons, i would not consider asking them to be reset as they are a reminder that all pilots are human and make mistakes and they are part of my learning curve as a pilot in the IF world!

Happy Flying!

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