Starship Update - LIVE ENDED

Firstly introduced publicly by Elon Musk in 2016, 2 years after its last major public update. Elon Musk is about to finally give another presentation of SpaceX’s spaceship that will carry humanity further than ever before.

Remember the last presentation in 2019 right in front of Mk1? Prepare yourself with a completely new background! SN20 is now fully reassembled, first & second stage (& “stage zero”), in preparation for Starship’s first orbital flight in 2022!

LIVE : 2022-02-11T02:00:00Z

For more information about Starship, please checkout SpaceX’s website :D


Unfortunately I can’t watch live, but I’ll definitely be watching this later tonight.

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Now that’s cool!

Any idea on when it’ll make its orbital launch or not yet?

pretty sure it was mentioned that they may try this year

I’m not fully paying attention to the stream, but that’s what I caught

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Me watching at 12:30 PM 👁👄👁

Elon Musk mentioned that in a month or so SN20 will go to orbit. They are waiting for approval from the FAA (currently still undergoing an “Environmental Assesment”).

For those who to like to watch animations (but honestly who doesn’t haha), SpaceX has posted a new one with the updated Starship :

SN20 - No CG

Source : Twitter - @RGVaerialphotos

Zoom in very closely on the ground to get a sense of scale ;)


They are still waiting for FAA to finish the environmental assessment, so right now first orbital launch is NET March. My guess is June/July, as there are still a lot of small things to be done.

It’s a pity we still don’t know if S20 and B4 are going to be the first stack to reach orbit or how are things going with the CH4 fuel farm on the launch site. I really hoped Elon would clear it up, but instead he talked about facts we know for quite some time now.
But on the other hand it was nice to see Raptor 2 in Boca Chica - just how clean it was amazed me.

This animation is kinda funny to be honest, because during boostback burn you can see that the booster doesn’t have engines 😂

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To be honest I scant wait for the first launch, I e learn a lot during yesterday’s live, #teamspacex here, let’s occupy mars!!

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