Starsco Air - Flying Among The Stars

Starsco Air is a brand new Infinite Flight airline! We are a non profit virtual airline that flies on Infinite Flight. We provide services such as virtual flight booking, training, events and more. This airline has been founded by BlazingFate in 2015 and is aiming to become one of the most professional virtual airlines in the the game. Our pilots can all be identified as flying all generic or unmarked white liveries. If you have any more questions about our services please ask us in our Contact tab. We are also in need of pilots so please check our website ( ) for more information or to sign up as a pilot. Thanks for checking us out!

Problem: There are dozens of generic livery VAs.


By the looks of your website, I think you’ve accomplished that!

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I’m aware of that

Thanks! You have an amazing va yourself!

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[quote=“BlazingFate, post:1, topic:33365”] founded in 2015

Yep, brand new ;)

But why do you say your pilots can be indentified by the white livery if you know there are more generic livery VAs? Explain further.

One does not simply become the most professional VA in the game.

Gotta love this meme.

One question:
Are you kidding me?

Perfectly copied off Perfectly. The categories, the routes, the fleet.
Everything displayed on the TravelSky website 100% belongs to us and mustn’t be copied, edited, downloaded or anything else without proper permission of a TravelSky leadership member. Immediatelly delete all our pictures, routes and " © 2023 by Starsco Air (Non Profit Virtual Airline)" on your website bottom within the next 24 hours unless you insist on having further action taken.
It’s cheap, ridicolous and unprofessional to take off every single system I thought of and “developed” in hours of work. The pilot portal, flight booking, the exact same routes and regions.
If you want to “aim to become one of the most professional VAs in the game”, be creative, think of something new and start from scratch.
You’ve got your warning, no april fools joke.


- TravelSky Airlines Webdesigner, Leadership member


Thank you for reporting them !


Moderators are advised! I dont know if mods can make something to help us, but its highly unfair to do this!


Yeah, idk about the rest of the website but I know that the routes are the exact same pics as the ones on the TravelSky website


Will re open after some private discussion.