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Has anyone come across with the issues of Stars and the decent being to steep ? I am coming across with the issue of following the Star to the letter and I am diving at minus 3000 plus per minute when I follow it. It seems to me the descending flight levels are to close to each other.


You can always change the altitudes in the FPL if they are to close for you. It could also be your speed.

Go to SkyVector or if you have Jeppesen Charts and bring up the STAR. Usually those will have block alttitudes. You can choose to change them on your behalf if you feel needed.


I know its not the mOst ReAlisTic method but I mostly delete all altitudes besides the one starting at the cone so I have a continuous descent with a normal descent rate. This however, shouldn’t be done at airports where terrain exists, but at such airports the altitude choice should be reasonable anyways.

The way Infinite Flight integrates altitudes in your STARs is by taking the top altitudes (if present) and making that the restriction. This may not be the case in real life, for example…

This is the ALWYS 2 RNAV Arrival into KSFO. The first restriction we see is FL270 with it being underlined. This means that you should maintain an altitude ABOVE (and including) FL270. However, in Infinite Flight, this is a hard altitude restriction, so VNAV, if enabled, will take you to FL270 when technically you can fly at an interval x >= FL270.


Similarly, the second altitude restriction we see is at LAANE with a range of accepted altitudes, from FL220 to FL260. Infinite Flight, however, will set the top altitude restriction of FL260 as a hard restriction and the same for HEEFLY where it will set FL190 as the restriction when, technically, any altitude within the range of FL140 <= x <= FL190 is accepted. This means that when there is an actual hard altitude restriction (depicted on the chart as an altitude boxed by two lines), like at ARRTU (FL100), the simulator will have to make a rather steep descend (like the one you’re describing) to meet that hard altitude restriction of FL100.

So, to troubleshoot the problem, I suggest you personally take a look at the charts like Kevin suggested and apply the most suitable altitude restriction based on what is given in the charts. To find charts, you can simply Google “[ICAO] charts” and you’ll usually get up-to-date charts, but there may be cases where the charts found online will vary from the procedures found in Infinite Flight, if online charts are outdated, for example. In this case you should use your own discretion to apply the most appropriate altitude restrictions.


Thanks for the tips.

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I believe the issue could be related to aircraft speed.

What’s your Knots Indicated Air Speed/KIAS when this steep descent happens?

Try descending at speeds between 260KIAS (for a 737 on a low Cost Index) and 300IAS (for a 777 on a higher Cost Index) at most, depending on the aircraft you’re flying.

Let us know if that helps. :)

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Thanks, I am currently doing a flight from KFLL to KDFW, I tried lowering the speed on decent, it’s the flight levels are to close to each other. I just did a dive - 3000 ((flashing)) on the HUD, following the STAR. 30000 to 23000 2 miles between each other.

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Oh goodness. That doesn’t sound good. What STAR and Approach are you using? I’ll have a look.

The Whiney4 into KDFW.

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Cool. What was the transition did you use? PNUTS?

Correct! On an A320.

When I loaded it, it’s showed it showed enough distance between waypoints and altitudes.

Do you have any apps or subscriptions access charts? I use Navigraph. You may wish to double check the STAR/descent profile is entered right for VNAV. :)

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