STARS included in the future map

Hi everyone,
Not sure if this is feasable, so please forgive me for not suggesting as a feature proper. I only want to state that the visible (and mandatory!) approach path we had in KLAX and KSFO the other day made the whole flying experience soooo much better that I really would like to find them everywhere and at all time!

I know many of us always fly these approaches they get from various sources, but many like me cannot spend the required amount of time and effort to search them. Having them drawn in front of my eyes really was great and I would be so happy if they could be kind of built in. Maybe the upcoming map would be an opportunity for this to happen?

Let me add that a few new atc text would help traffic as : follow “approch name”, making the job easier for approach atc…

Only my two cents. Happy flying to all!

Tep nemo


Hey! You can vote to have this added here:

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I will do, thanks, though I’d like to have it as simple as it was this week! Kind of Stars for beginners!

Actually, a map option could be “show stars and sids” and they would appear just like in KLAX KSFO.

Perhaps a feature, to mark certain altitudes on waypoint. (Which will only be visible to you)

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Or written if you click on the way point, yes!

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It would take too much time for the devs to make it on every airport.

I guess, but little by little, why not? Two airports already done!

We have more chance to have colors and coastlines than SID or STAR.

I like colors too!

I searched a way to have waypoints on Google Maps but I never fulfilled.

Sorry I might have triggered the termination of this post (colors, costilnes)

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Maybe IF will do it for you, you never know! It does not seem impossible to me. Qui vivra verra!

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