Stars at noon?

Hello, I’m currently flying over India and I noticed that I can see the starts even being noon, that’s obviously an issue and I wanted to report it as nobody reported it yet.
Another problem I seen is that when you move the time bar the starts won’t moove, and I remember they moved before this update

If you look with attention you will see the starts (It is easier to see them in game)

I’m not sure this is an issue… If you go outside and peer closely, some stars are in fact visible during the day :P


I’ve never seen that tbh, but if it’s possible maybe the most bright stars, not the whole sky… :/

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I would say that they were visible due to the thin atmosphere at those high altitudes (thus darkening the sky), but as it turns out you can also see them from the ground…

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Huh. Maybe they aren’t stars, and might be another issue?

Can anyone confirm that the stars don’t move at night when the time bar is moved?

They are stars because If I make it night while watching them they remain in the same spot

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